Virginia Sweeps Events to Win Sixth-Straight @ACCRowing Championship

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Notre Dame Edges Syracuse and Louisville for Second Place

Clemson, S.C.—Virginia, the nation’s third-ranked rowing team, swept all five events Saturday in capturing its sixth consecutive Atlantic Coast Conference Rowing Championship, held this year on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

The 2015 Championship was the 13th ACC Rowing Championship hosted by Clemson. The conditions were again excellent for racing with temperatures in the low 70s and a slight cross wind of 2-3 mph throughout the morning.

Virginia finished with 99 points followed by Notre Dame (82), Syracuse (73), Louisville (72), Clemson (59), Boston College (37), Duke (36), North Carolina (22) and Miami (13).

Virginia has now won 15 of the 16 ACC Rowing team titles.

“Great day today for Virginia Rowing,” said UVa head coach Kevin Sauer. “I’m just so proud of the kids. To come back here and do it again. They stepped up last night after doing a great job and coming back today and doing even better.”

While the Cavaliers dominated the race for the title, Notre Dame, ranked 19th nationally, emerged in a spirited battle for second place defeating third-place Syracuse, which is ranked 16th nationally, and fourth-place Louisville (which is 23rd) in a competition that was not decided until the final event of the day. The Irish’s First Varsity Eight (6:28.8) posted a second-place finish in the First Varsity Eight race, outdistancing Syracuse (6:31.2).

Virginia’s First Varsity Eight crew, which set an event record of 6:10.0 in Friday’s qualification heats, then followed that up a winning time of 6:21.3 in the Grand Finals on Saturday, was voted the ACC’s Crew of the Year. Virginia’s championship finals time also bettered the previous ACC mark in the event of 6:22.0, set by UVa in 2008.

The UVa First Varsity Eight is composed of  coxswain Colette Lucas-Conwell (So., Palo Alto, Calif.);  Stroke: Mackenzi Sherman (Jr., Loa Alamitos, Calif.); 7-Seat: Erin Briggs  (So., Orono, Minn];  6-Seat: Eliza Spilsbury (Fr., Kent, Conn.); 5-Seat: Georgia Ratcliff (So., Falls Church, Va.); 4-Seat: Emmi Benton (So., Stanwood, Wash.); 3-Seat: Lizzy Youngling (Sr. Westport, Conn.); 2-Seat: Sam Casto (Jr., Dallas, Pa.); Bow: Tessa Dikkers (Jr., Pellham N.Y.).

Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer was named by a vote of the ACC Coaches as the league’s Coach of the Year for the 11th time.

Syracuse freshman Julia Vander Hoeven (St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) of Syracuse was chosen, also by a vote of the ACC Coaches, as the ACC Freshman of the Year.

The Cavaliers got off to a strong start in the Third Varsity Eight finishing with a time of 6:37.0 to outdistance second place Louisville (6:43.7) and third-place Syracuse (6:50.0). The Virginia Third Varsity Eight is composed of coxswain Rachel Dick (Fr., Bethesda, Md.); Stroke: Taylor Leonard (So., Arlington, Va.); 7-Seat: Katie Fanikos (Sr., Boston, Mass.); 6-Seat: Grace Tuttle (Jr., Vienna, Va.); 5-Seat: Allie Nicholson (So., Charlottesville, Va.); 4-Seat: Lyndsay Martini (So., Falls Church, Va.); 3-Seat: Morgan Rosts (Fr., Jordan, Ontario, Canada); 2-Seat: Kam Corcoran (So., Middletown, Md.); Bow: Paula Lewis (Sr., Virginia Beach, Va.).

Virginia continued its winning ways in the Second Varsity Four, posting a time of 7:17.0  to defeat second place Louisville (7:30.6). The UVa Second Varsity Four crew is composed of coxswain Chloe Sykes (Sr., Ashburn, Va.); 4-Seat: Karen Schulte (Trout Run, Pa.); 3-Seat: Lexie Katz (Sr., Wayne, Pa.); 2-Seat: Jane Hudson (Fr., Sandy, Utah); Bow: Emmy Bateman (So., Stanwood, Wash.).

Virginia also captured the First Varsity Four race in a time of 7:12.3, downing second-place Notre Dame (7:18.1) by more than five seconds. The Virginia First Varsity Four crew is composed of Julia Roithmayr (Sr., Yorktown, Va.); 4-Seat: Maggie Bowman-Jones (Sr., Moss Beach, Calif.); 3-Seat: Janey Brennan (So., Gross Pointe Farms, Mich.); 2-Seat: Hannah Solis-Cohen (Jr., New York, N.Y.);  Bow: Ellen Pate (So., Lafayette, Calif.).

Virginia then took the title in the Second Varsity Eight, posting a time of 6:28.8 over second-place Louisville (6:33.3). The Virginia Second Varsity Eight crew is composed of coxswain Hayley LaFleche (Sr., New York, N.Y.); Stroke: Ali Zwicker (So., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada));  7-Seat: Anna Fairs (Fr., Thorpe Thewles, England); 6-Seat: Chandler Lally (Sr., Bryn Mawr, Pa.); 5-Seat: Chelsea Adams (Jr., Chesapeake, Va.) ; 4-Seat: Mackenzie Springer (Fr., Fairfax, Va.); 3-Seat: Jenny Reid (Jr., Stafford, Va.); 2-Seat: Kendall Mueller (Fr., Houston, Texas); Bow: Jo Gurman (So., Weston, Conn.).

Virginia placed four members on the All-ACC Rowing first team. Lizzy Youngling, Hemingway Benton, Chandler Lally and coxswain Hayley LaFleche were joined by Ailish Sheehan and Joanna Mulvey of Notre Dame, Deidre Fitzpatrick of Syracuse, Darya Marchanka of Louisville and Samantha Duggan of Clemson.

The All-ACC second-team was composed of coxswain Reilly Kearny of Notre Dame, Maggie Bowman-Jones of Virginia, Chelsea Frawley of Syracuse, Katie Nord of Louisville, Milena Heuer of Clemson, Ellen Burr of Boston College, Claire Vannelli of Duke, Victoria McGee of North Carolina and Caitlin White-Parsons of Miami.

ACC Crew of the Year: Virginia First Varsity Eight
ACC Freshman of the Year: Julia Vander Hoeven, Syracuse
ACC Coach of the Year:  Kevin Sauer, Virginia

Team Scores
1-Virginia 99
2-Notre Dame 82
3-Syracuse 73
4-Louisville 72
5-Clemson 59
6-Boston College 37
7-Duke 36
8-North Carolina 22
9-Miami 13

All-ACC Rowing Team

First Team
Hayley LaFleche, Sr., Virginia (New York, N.Y.)
Lizzy Youngling, Sr., Virginia (Westport, Conn.)
Chandler Lally, Sr., Virginia (Bryn Mawr. Pa.)
Hemingway Benton, Sr., Virginia (Glencoe, Ill.)
Ailish Sheehan, Sr., Notre Dame (Kildare Co., Limerick, Ireland)
Joanna Mulvey, Jr., Notre Dame (Staatsburg, N.Y.)
Deidre Fitzpatrick, Jr., Syracuse (Chesire, Conn.)
Darya Marchanka, Sr., Louisville (Minsk, Belarus)
Samantha Duggan, Sr.,Clemson (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Second Team
Reilly Kearny, Fr., Notre Dame (San Mateo, Calif.)
Maggie Bowman-Jones, Sr., Virginia (Moss Beach, Calif.)
Chelsea Frawley, Fr., Syracuse (Melbourne, Australia)
Katie Nord, Jr., Louisville (Louisville, Ky.)
Milena Heuer, Jr., Clemson (Leer, Germany)
Ellen Burr, Sr., Boston College (Cazenovia, N.Y.)
Claire Vannelli, Sr.Duke (London, Ontario, Canada)
Victoria McGee, Jr., North Carolina (Kernersville, N.C.)
Caitlin White-Parsons, Jr., Miami (Auckland, New Zealand)

ACC Rowing Championship Results:

Team Results—1. Virginia, 99; 2. Notre Dame, 82; 3. Syracuse, 73; 4. Louisville, 72; 5. Clemson, 59; 6. Boston College, 37; 7.  Duke, 36; 8. North Carolina, 22; 9. Miami, 13.

Third Varsity Eight Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 7:09.1; 2. Duke, 7:10.8.

Third Varsity Eight Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:37.0; 2. Louisville, 6:43.7; 3. Syracuse, 6:50.0; 4. Notre Dame, 6:51.9; 5. Clemson, 7:05.3; 6. Boston College, 7:10.4.

Second Varsity Four Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 7:55.0; 2. Duke, 7:59.0.

Second Varsity Four Grand Final—1. Virginia, 7:17.0; 2. Louisville, 7:30.6; 3.Notre Dame, 7:32.0; 4. Syracuse, 7:33.4; 5. Clemson, 7:39.6; 6. Boston College, 7:47.6.

First Varsity Four Petite Final—1. North Carolina, 7:44.5; 2. Duke, 7:53.8; 3. Miami, 8:24.2.

First Varsity Four Grand Final—1. Virginia, 7:12.3; 2. Notre Dame, 7:18.1; 3. Syracuse, 7:20.4; 4. Louisville, 7:24.0; 5. Clemson, 7:30.9; 6. Boston College, 7:44.1. 

Second Varsity Eight Petite Final—1. Boston College, 6:55.8; 2. North Carolina, 7:03.3; 3. Miami, 7:06.1.

Second Varsity Eight Grand Final—1. Virginia, 6:28.8; 2. Louisville, 6:33.3; 3. Notre Dame, 6:36.6; 4. Syracuse, 6:37.0; 5. Clemson, 6:42.7; 6. Duke, 6:44.9.

First Varsity Eight Petite Final—1. Boston College, 6:43.6; 2. Miami, 6:46.4; 3. North Carolina, 7:00.3. 

First Varsity Eight Grand Final—1.  Virginia, 6:21.3; 2. Notre Dame, 6:28.6; 3. Syracuse, 6:31.2; 4. Clemson, 6:33.1; 5. Louisville, 6:33.4; 6. Duke, 6:45.9.

Friday Results

Quartering tail wind 1-5 mph with gusts to 7 mph growing progressively weaker throughout the afternoon.

Third Varsity Eight—Heat 1--1. Virginia, 6:25.3; 2. Notre Dame, 6:42.7; 3. Clemson, 6:56.7; 4. North Carolina, 7:04.5

Third Varsity Eight—Heat 2--1.Louisville, 6:37.1; 2. Syracuse, 6:39.7; 3. Boston College, 6:53.5; 4 Duke, 7:22.0.

Second Varsity Four—Heat 1--1.  Virginia, 7:05.5; 2. Syracuse, 7:24.5; 3. Clemson, 7:32.0; 4. North Carolina, 7:46.4.

Second Varsity Four—Heat 2--1. Louisville, 7:19.6; 2. Notre Dame, 7:20.8; 3. Boston College,  7:35.4; 4. Duke, 7:58.0.

First Varsity Four—Heat 1--1.  Virginia, 7:01.0;  2. Louisville, 7:12.2; 3. Clemson, 7:21.5; 4. North Carolina, 7:25.9; 5. Miami, 7:51.5.

First Varsity Four—Heat 2--1.  Syracuse, 7:10.0; 2. Notre Dame, 7:12.4; 3. Boston College, 7:32.0; 4. Duke, 7:36.2

Second Varsity Eight—Heat 1—1, Virginia, 6:21.8; 2. Louisville, 6:29.4; 3. Clemson, 6:34.4; 4. North Carolina, 6:46.8; 5. Miami, 6:54.6.

Second Varsity Eight—Heat 2—1. Syracuse, 6:26.2; 2. Notre Dame, 6:30.0; 3. Duke, 6:33.9; 4. Boston College, 6:43.0.

First Varsity Eight—Heat 1—1.Virginia, 6:10.0; 2. Louisville, 6:21.9; 3. Clemson, 6:30.6; 4. Miami, 6:38.6.

First Varsity Eight—Heat 2—1. Syracuse, 6:15.8; 2. Notre Dame, 6:18.7; 3. Duke, 6:29.0; 4. Boston College, 6:34.0.