Inside ACCess: Women's Volleyball

Nov. 11, 2011

Student-athletes ACC venue you most look foward to playing in: Favorite movie: Favorite flavor of ice cream: Song and artist most played on your iPod: Something you can't live without: Best part about being a student-athlete:
Brennan Clark
Boston College

Miami because we usually get to go to South Beach and escape the cold weather of Boston.

Despicable Me

Coffee or Cake Batter

Josh Abbott Band - "Oh, Tonight"

The infinity ring my mom bought me

The connections you have the opportunity to build with other student-athletes, administrators and people in the community is priceless.

Kamryn Sherman

Tully Gym at FSU because I used to go to games there when I was little to watch my babysitter play.

Love, Actually

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Taylor Swift

A hoodie - I'm always cold & coffee - I drink at least one cup every day.

That there are so many people that can help me with anything.

Abbey Welborn

Boston College because my best friend goes there.

The Lion King

Mint Chip

Brittney Spears

My pillow

Eating at JPJ