Inside ACCess: A Look Inside Women's Soccer

Oct. 29, 2010

ACC Women's Soccer
Favorite restaurant? What other sports did you play in high school What is something that you cannot live without? I wear jersey #__ because? Explain a hardship that you have overcome?

What advice would you give to someone getting ready for college?

Marissa Mello
Boston College

Spain Basketball, softball Family and friends #5 because it was the number I had when I started playing at age 4 Being really short and not having the typical "collegiate athlete body" Always be yourself because it's the best way to make real friends
Molly Lester

Houston's Track Coffee #15 because that's been my # since 4th grade 3 knee surgeries Appreciate your parents because you will miss them
Abby Carr
Florida State

Tai Rama Cross Country Headbands #22 because my sister wore that # when she played basketball Returning from an ACL tear Manage your time wisely
Meagan Proper
NC State

New Japan Express Basketball My sister and family #3 because #2 was taken Recovering from ACL surgery Stay organized and on top of your school work
Katie Kooiman
Virginia Tech

Pancho Villa Basketball My family #21 because my cousin wore it in college Loss of many friends and family Don't take a single moment for granted it only comes once