Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Rowing

April 2, 2010

ACC Rowing
My favorite part of practice . . . My favorite competition course/river is . . . I want to be known for this off-course accomplishment . . . The person/people who inspire me to work harder, both as an athlete and as a student, is/are. . . . When I think about my sport, I wish . . . My favorite food is . . .
Michelle Nance

The pieces and workouts that really challenge you to dig deep and find something in yourself to push through the pain. The feeling when you know you have given your all and pushed the limit is euphoric.

The Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. It is one of the largest races and the atmosphere is insane. There are people everywhere and hundreds of races for two days straight on a course that is challenging and exciting. I am a 2x intramural ultimate frisbee champion as a member of Fierce Hot Mess. My parents. They have supported me and believed in me to achieve my goals and dreams. More people had access to rowing so that they would have the opportunity to partake in the sport and understand the technique and strength/power involved. Oatmeal. It always fills me up and never lets me down. It is something I always eat pre-practice and pre-race to get my mind and body ready to go.
Hannah McKay

Seeing the sun rise and getting sweaty, knowing how hard I have worked and the difference I am making for something that is so much bigger than me as an individual.

Sydney International Regatta Center (SIRC) in Australia (2000 Games) To truly learn what it means to have unshakeable self belief, something that I really focused on teaching myself over this past summer. A HUGE step in my life. Pat Stormon, because not only has he been very successful in both academics and in rowing, he also has the same fire and determination as me, which has created a great drive and energy source for me. I am very lucky to have had his guidance and encouragement my whole rowing career. More people understood how beautiful, unique and intense it really is. We are so lucky to be those people that understand and preserve its greatness. PEANUT BUTTER. It's got great instant calories and full of good fats, keeps you going in practice :) and it tastes great!!!
Andrea "Andi" Drabot
North Carolina

Saturday mornings when we do official race pieces against each other. Although you've given up your Saturday sleeping in (and your Friday night), it is always worth it in the end to know that you and your teammates are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

The Head of the Hooch -- the event is always packed (last year over 1,700 boats participated) and full of excitement. It is one of the few times our team competes in the Open Pair event. Participation in Coach for College, a Duke/UNC global initiative to promote education through sports. I've spent the last two summers volunteering for Coach for College, and these experiences have helped shape my future.

My teammates. You're not just working for yourself, you're working for your friends and representing UNC. We wear the UNC on our uniforms with pride knowing we are working for each other, everyone that has come before us and the legacy they have left for us to uphold. That everyone could understand the simultaneous pain and adrenaline rush of a 2k. Rowing really isn't a spectator sport, so unless you've rowed before it is incredibly difficult to understand the amount effort and excruciating pain of a 2k and the subsequent sense of accomplishment afterward. These feelings and experiences are what I love about rowing, and I wish I could share them with others more easily. Golabki, a Polish stuffed cabbage dish. Golabki is a family dish that my grandmother makes, and the recipe has been passed down to my parents and to my sister and me.
Sidney Thorsten
Second Year

Feeling that the boat has improved from the start of practice to the end of practice. I love the feeling of finishing a hard practice and knowing that it brought us closer together and closer to our ultimate goal for the end of the season.

OakRidge, Tennessee. I raced there a dozen times in high school and a couple times in college and it's just an awesome course. There's lots of room to warm up, it's well marked, close to home, and the restaurant at the start of the race is delicious, too! I want to be known as someone who helps my boat go as fast as possible, no matter what situation I am in. I do not know if I am at that point every single day, but I'd like to think that I am getting closer to that goal every day. My mom. She has been there for me through absolutely everything and is my biggest fan. She encouraged me to stick with rowing at a time when I almost walked away, and has always done everything in her power to help me be the best that I can be. She has put her life aside to make sure I could attend the school I wanted to attend, and be a part of the different summer programs I have attended. I would not be where I am today if it was not for her. She always has the perfect words of encouragement for me. More people knew about it and appreciated the level of work and dedication it requires. Macaroni and cheese. It's easy to make, cheap to buy, and it's delicious when its hold and cold!