Rowing ACCtion: Saturday, March 13

March 14, 2010

Clemson Rowing has Successful Day Against Boston University
The Clemson rowing team won four out of the five races against Boston University Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The two teams competed in five 2000 meter races.

The Tigers started the day off strong with the varsity eight crew coming in first in a time of 6:51.00 over the Terriers' top crew, who finished with a time of 7:12.02. The varsity eight crew members were Katie Bruggeling at cox, Allison Colberg at bow, Michelle Nance, Brittany Cummings, Sarah Daanen, Liz Robb, Beata Saska, Zofia Bende and Kelly Murphy.

In the second race of the day, Clemson's second varsity eight group of cox Melissa Weaver, Connie Gorman, Callen Erdeky, Leah Kelly, Katharine Mosier, Becca Brown, Grace Wolff, Lydia Hassell and Taylor Hoynacki took the win posting a time of 7:06.91 over Boston's 7:17.33.

Virginia Rowing Has Successful Scrimmage vs. Michigan State
The Virginia rowing team began its spring season with a scrimmage vs. Michigan State on Sunday in Marion, Va. UVa's Varsity Eight raced Michigan State's Varsity Eight in five races, with the Cavaliers winning two and the Spartans winning three.

The boats raced five set pieces. Virginia's Second Varsity Eight won all five of its pieces vs. the Spartans, as did all the Varsity Fours.

The Novice Eight also defeated Michigan State in all five pieces.