Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Women's Lacrosse

March 19, 2010

ACC Women's Lacrosse
One place I want to visit is _______ and why? One talent I wish I had is... Song playing on my iPod right now is… If I could play another sport, it would be______ and why? When I'm not playing lacrosse I like to… After I get out of school I plan to...
Lauren Costello
Boston College

I've always wanted to visit Spain. I always wanted to learn Spanish- it has a fun and exciting night life and they believe in siestas…I love naps! I wish I could sing really well. Hey, Soul Sister- Train Either basketball or golf. Basketball because I've played since I was little and love the game. Golf because it's a life sport that I would be able to play when I'm old and gray- Unfortunately I'm terrible. Hang out with family and friends, go to the beach, go into Boston I'm going to be a high school lacrosse coach in England next year and spend my off time travelling Europe for the year. After that, I'm still deciding what I want to do but am thinking about a job in either the communications or health field.
Kristen Taylor
North Carolina

Anywhere because I have never been to a different country but I would love to go to Italy! The ability to fly so that I could travel to all different places without worrying about the time it takes to get there "Stars Align" by Virginia Coalition Tennis because I like the outfits! Spend time with my family and friends, go running, shopping, bake, and spend time at my camp going waterskiing and tubing Hopefully get a job in a big city on the east coast and work in Marketing
Ainsley Baker
Third Year

Italy or Ireland because my family is predominantly of irish and italian descent. I think it would be so interesting to visit the place where my ancestors came from. Playing the guitar. I am so addicted to Guitar Hero right now that I think actually being able to play a real guitar, not a toy one, would be so cool. Going along with that, being able to write my own music and play it would be something pretty special as well. Jessie James... I Look So Good Without You Probably soccer. I played soccer in high school for a year but drifted away from it because of lacrosse. Lacrosse and soccer are very similar in the basic fundamentals, so I think it would be something I could pick up on quickly. Not to mention I think soccer players are always in extremely good shape. Hang out with my friends, bake treats like cookies or cupcakes, spend time with my family. I am not really sure I would like to take a year off and maybe work a few jobs here and there to gain some experience in the workforce. I would of course love to travel and go to places that I have never been to before. I hope to go to graduate school somewhere and maybe pursue a degree in physical therapy, athletic training, or sports medicine. I am a sociology major at UVa right now, but I hope to stay involved with the athletic field as long as I can.
Allie Emala
Virginia Tech

Greece. There is so much beauty and fun I want to explore. Singing Delirious Field Hockey because I had such positive and learning high school experience. It was very fulfilling. Be with my mother and my family Go to Physical Therapy School