#ACCwbb Tournament: Game 7 Press Conference Quotes

March 5, 2010

Postgame Quotes - #7 BOSTON COLLEGE

Amy Yakola: I'm pleased to welcome up to the desk. Boston College Head Coach Sylvia Crawley and student athletes Jasmine Gill and Carolyn Swords. Coach, whey you are ready, your opening statement.

Sylvia Crawley: I'm very, very proud of my team and how hard they competed tonight. We knew this was going to be a physical battle. You know the first half things didn't go our way. We were getting beat on the boards. They had more possessions than us. It became a numbers game. They shot way more shots than we did, however when we look at the stat sheet they weren't shooting a great percentage. We shot pretty well; we shot 40% from the floor and 41% from the 3-point line. And so we were able to kind of hang in there. So, you know, we talked about what worked. And what plays worked for us offensively in the second half and I expressed to our players that none of the things that we were talking about mattered unless we blocked out and came up with a rebound. And mostly it was our post players. And our post players stepped up to the challenge. They boxed fouls and did whatever it took to get that rebound. We had a collective effort tonight. We had a player who sprained her ankle and she sucked it up. She went in for one minute while we got Carolyn out because she was in foul trouble. And I felt like our players played smart tonight, and that is something that we learned along the way. Usually when we get in foul trouble sometimes we just foul out. I thought we played very, very smart down the stretch and we knocked down our free throws. And so, this win is big for our team because we learned how to close out the game. You know we learned how to be mentally tough in the stretch and the little things so that we win when the ball came.

Coach, obviously you had injuries earlier in the game and you had things to overcome and you said you were having foul troubles the whole time, how did your team overcome that?

Sylvia Crawley: Florida State is a great team. They have a threat at every single position. All of their players can score. You can't relax for one second. So even, you know, with the player down, they are still a tough team. I thought they overcame their adversity when Monroe went down in the first half. However, I thought that we overcame a lot. You know, Brittanny got into foul trouble, and both of our bigs were in foul trouble. We did a good job of adjusting to how the calls were going. It was physical out there, you know. We just have to make an adjustment. That was huge for our team. Normally we would keep doing what we are doing. And tonight we made an adjustment and we figured out how to come out with a big win. This was symbolic of a drill we do every third day which is called cut throat. There are no fouls; you just have to figure out a way to win and you can't complain to the referees.

I thought our players kicked it to that mode where it was cut throat for us today.

Sylvia, would you talk about Jasmine's contribution. And Jasmine, if you would talk about coming home?

Sylvia Crawley: I thought Jasmine's contribution was huge. This is a team where I thought I would track the first half of the wing. I thought Jasmine did a good job of keeping her composure. That's an area that she has really grown at. Last year she struggled with that a little bit. At the end of the year we sat down and said, we wanted you to work on that for the offseason. She worked on that. And I thought she worked on her composure. But what she did best was get in there and rebound and hit her free throws down the stretch.

Jasmine Gill: I felt like it was home and good to play in Greensboro and home atmosphere and players they loosened me up and everyone in the stands was on our side.

Carolyn, is it any different for you to play with four fouls when Stefanie has four or five?

Caroyln Swords: I have to make sure that I'm really doing everything in my power to stay out of foul trouble or to prevent from putting myself in a situation that would take the game out of my hands. I just have to weigh what is more important, whether I stop the shot or stay in the game. And she did a great job when she was in there and I was thankful to stay in there for my team and come up with a win.

Coach, I was sitting in front of some of your fans at the press table and all of a sudden Florida State came back and tied it at the 50, and I heard a collective groan, and then all of a sudden boom, boom you got back-to-back baskets. How were you able to dominate down the stretch after that come back.

Sylvia Crawley: We played a few games that prepared us for this game. I think we face every type of situation during the regular season and, you know, we have some games where a team would make a strong run at us and we would not fight back. At that moment, you know, we would have a turnover, we would miss a free throw, and we had straight back-to-back negatives. I think our team has learned in that situation. And in timeouts I was telling them what we were running and what defense we were in but they were saying, come on guys we have to step up right now. So I think they were very, very determined to fight back, and to stop their momentum. And we have gotten better at getting stops from the teams making a run at us. I thought we did a good job and we were able to come up with a big win –

I was going to ask you about Ayla Brown's contributions to the game tonight and the follow up?

Sylvia Crawley: Alya gave us huge minutes. She had been playing better and better with each game. Her minutes are huge because we have Carolyn and Stefanie in foul trouble, especially late in the game. Carolyn was in foul trouble and I finally went to attack and they went to Bravard, 54, and they tried to just expose the fact that we were in foul trouble. Ayla came over and helped and doubled and we got stopped, and that was such a huge play. She is our energizer bunny. She is going to do what needs to be done, and she is going to get that rebound and make that drive and I thought that energy was great tonight.

I have a follow-up on that she has had a lot of distractions how has she come through that and continued to contribute, and also make all of that happen?

Sylvia Crawley: Alya, she is a very professional person. When she is doing something, she is in the moment. So when she is playing basketball, you know, she is not the Senators' daughter, she is not an American Idol person, she is a BC basketball player. And she gives us 100% every time she steps out on the court. And when she is singing, she is singing. She is a very focused person. She has done a great job of not letting everything distract her. She has had a lot of appearances, people requesting different things from her. A lot of times when she comes out of the locker room there are hundreds of kids that want autographs from her. And I think she has done a great job of handling everything that has come at her. She is very, very mature. And I think if it was anyone else they would have struggled with it but Ayla is a very mature and she has handled it very good and so it has not been a distraction for us.

Postgame Quotes - #2 FLORIDA STATE

Amy Yakola: Let me give some introductions here. I'm pleased to be joined on the desk by Sue Semrau and student athletes Cierra Bravard and Chasity Clayton. Coach, when you are ready.

Sue Semrau: Boston College played an extremely physical game and shot a great percentage. You know, we looked at the stat sheet and we got 33 more shots off than they did. And we just couldn't buy one, and that's not like our team. But it is what it is. It wasn't very fun playing without our leading scorer. And, fortunately for all of us, her ankle is not broken. They took her to the hospital and did X-rays and it's not broken. And we'll rest up and get ready for the NCAA tournament.

Coach, I just want to talk to you about how did you respond as a team with that early injury and also considering the fact you had the picked the fouls up all night.

Sue Semrau: The first part of the question responding to the early injury. Again, we didn't know if she was going to be back. And then we got word half way through that she wouldn't be back. And that's okay. It's just that you have to play Alysha Harvin as forward and that is not a position we have put her in very much this year. We have been deep enough to be able play Chas and sent to the floor. And we got Chelsea Davis on the floor for a little more. And we shot the ball well. And Boston College did a great job of really giving us tough looks, but we got second chance shots. So there is really no excuse for that.

Obviously, Coach, obviously you are going to be a high seed in the NCAA Tournament. Is Monroe, the early prognosis, is she expected to be close to 100% by the time the tournament rolls around?

Sue Semrau: It's probably a blessing in disguise. Coaches like to try push the envelope sometimes. And the best for her will be the time off we have. And, I think, yeah she will be with us when we start the tournament. We are absolutely certain of that.

Chasity, can you tell us how it was to play in those circumstances and specifically how you got BC in such foul trouble.

Chasity Clayton: It's hard when the lead is on the floor getting into foul trouble. The Coach kept telling us attack, attack, attack. And that is what we needed to do. We needed to be on the floor especially since we had a player out to be effective on the floor.

This is for Cierra. You had adversity and you lose it in the tournament, and how do you think the team will move on as you go to the NCAA?

Cierra Bravard: I think we are a little upset. We have to pick up where we left off and finish up strong and so we can go in strong for the NCAA Tournament.

Sue Semrau: We have a been a team that responded to adversity well, and I think that they will rebound back good.