#ACCwbb Tournament: Game 5 Press Conference Quotes

March 5, 2010

Postgame Quotes - Georgia Tech

Michael Kelly: We are joined at the desk by Georgia Tech Head Coach MaChelle Joseph and student athletes Brigitte Ardossi and Alex Montgomery. Coach, we'll start off with a comment from you and then we'll take questions.

MaChelle Joseph: Well first of all I want to give a lot of credit to Wake Forest. I thought they came out and jumped all over us and we played with a lot of poise and confidence. I definitely think they are a NCAA Tournament team. I think they have proven that all year long. I'm very proud of my team. I mean, we look back over the course of the last year and the games that we have won, the toughness that we have shown, I don't think I have coached a team that showed more character than they showed today. Especially with Brigitte getting hit the way she did and to be able to come back and finish the game the way she finished it - it showed so much toughness. I just thought there were several big plays, and to have Chelsea Regins, a sophomore, to play, who hasn't played the last couple of the weeks, come in and make key free throws and to be able to give us defensive stops, it was tremendous. I'm proud of this team, 23 wins the most ever in the history of our program. Nine ACC wins, ties the most ever ACC wins in the history of our program. We are very pleased that we have continued to improve each year. And we are looking forward to our match up tomorrow against Duke or Maryland.

Alex, on that block I think you had in the last minute did you know they were obviously going to her and Brittany went down and passed it out and did you know it was going to her.

Alex Montgomery: I did. I assumed it was going to come out.

Brigitte can you go back to when you got hurt what happened on that play and just how much pain were you in?

Brigitte Ardossi: Well, she got me and she took to the ball to the rim, and she got beat. And I stood up, and my intention was to take a charge but she was already on the fly to the left and I had it and then she connected with my nose. I went down, and I never have been hit in the nose that hard before and I have never had a bloody nose in my life. And I was kind of surprised and I looked at my hands and there was all of this blood. I knew straight away it was not going to keep me down. It hurt, but it wasn't going to keep me out of the game. I knew I had to come back in strong.

Can you talk about your foul trouble and the offense and defense and how you got into the rhythm.

Brigitte Ardossi: I actually made two early fouls. When I was put in there I was able to get in on defensive possessions and prove that I could stay in there with the fouls, and I got to the back. I'm not just an offensive player and I need to get in there and play a little physical on the defense and got a couple of stops and, you know, got back into the game and got into my rhythm and just went from there.

Only three field goals in the first half and you had some free throws, but a little bit of a spurring at the end. Did you feel fortunate going to half time only down by eight?

MaChelle Joseph: I told my staff, I said, the fact that we have only made three field goals we should be down 20. We said that we built this program on defensive rebounding. That is what kept us in the game was our defense. There is no doubt about it. We couldn't buy a basket in the first half. It seemed like when Brigitte got out we lost our offensive flow. We are so used to everything flowing through her, and we get our rhythm through her. And when she was out of the game we were kind of disjointed, but I felt like we got our rhythm back there at the end and let her in and people were able to make plays, and we kind of got a little rhythm going and when it got to half time I told the team, listen we are only down, you know, we should be down 20 and we are not, and it's our defense. All we have to do is lay up some free throws and this is a different ball game. I really thought, we were behind the entire game until the last couple of minutes. So the fact we were able to step up at the end and make plays, it's a tribute to these players and their resiliency.

Postgame Quotes - Wake Forest

Michael Kelly: Thank you for joining us this afternoon at the press conference. We'll get started with a few comments from Head Coach Mike Petersen in a moment.

Michael Kelly: I'm joined by on stage by Head Coach Mike Petersen, Brittany Waters and Courteney Morris. Coach, if we could get some comments from you.

Mike Petersen: Well I thought what we got there was a stretch where we got tentative, we lost our pace against our trap. We were in good shape and we didn't have a good enough pace for a stretch in there. We bogged our offense down. And then obviously, we had good answer for Goodlett and we didn't have a good answer for Ardossi. She was a great player. She did a phenomenal job. She made a lot of really big plays. She had two fouls in six minutes into the game. And then she thrashed around out there for another 20 minutes and didn't foul again. She must have changed what she was doing I guess. She is a good player and played well and made a lot of big plays for their team down the stretch. I think our pace and her play down at the end of the game was pretty significant.

Coach, given the great defensive job in the first half, did you feel that it probably should have been wider than eight points ending in half time.

Mike Petersen: Yeah, I mean we squandered, that was part of the time that our pace got bad. I felt like we squandered an opportunity to have a little bit bigger lead there for sure. They only had three field goals at half time. We sent them over the line too much in the first half and that was part of the problem. But, yeah, I felt it could have been bigger. If you would have come before the game and offered me an 8-point lead at half time I would have said, let's go. And again, we were in control of that game for the vast majority of it. We just weren't able to finish the deal, you know, down the stretch. They made very good plays. And we made some good plays but they just made more.

Brittany, what was the press? I know you guys have seen presses all year, was there anything specific that it did to you guys in the second half?

Brittany Waters: Nothing different we just lost our poise, and we kept attacking the press and just needed to be aggressive and that is basically it. Nothing different nothing changed.

Do you think you guys have enough to go into the NCAA tournament?

Mike Petersen: You better go first. I'm about to filibuster.

Courteney Morris: We hope so. We worked hard to get where we are. Nobody expected us is to go this far.

Brittany Waters: Go ahead, Coach.

Mike Petersen: There is no precedent for a team that's won eight games in this competition in the ACC to not go. We had three wins in the top 50 teams and we have no losses outside of the top 100. We are the 5th place team in the 2nd rank RPI conference in the country. Check the 5th ranked team from the 3rd rank RPI conference and the 5th place team in the 4th place conference, its St. Johns and Vanderbilt. We have as many top 50 wins as either of those teams, and we have one less outside the top than St. Johns does. Nobody is worried about them making it. These kids can't be penalized because Wake has not been in the tournament for so many years. We are the 5th place team in the 2nd or 3rd rated RPI Conference in the country. We won 8 games against ACC opponents and we won 3 top 50 games in the last 6 weeks. We have no losses outside of the top 100. What do you think the boys on ESPN would say about that if it was on college game day. So I don't know. There is the answer. I am not on the committee. All I know is the team has competed very hard, and they have a tough schedule, and they did their job, and there were games along the way and overtime loss to Carolina. And buzzer beater to NC State and today's game. And all of those things we could have helped ourselves more. I know this. Go ahead and play the blind resume game. Take the name off. Just look at who they beat. When they beat them. Who they lost to. Where they played the games. I mean, again, the committee will be great and they'll work hard and they'll be diligent and they'll do their job and they'll be awesome. And they will make a good decision. I get all of that. I know this. Don't put somebody in because they are hosting. Don't put somebody in because you are used to putting them in. Don't not put it us in because we are not used to being in. How is that, congressman?

Mike Petersen: I want to have happy players, it means a lot to them. We are at the point now where we are in the top half of this conference and deserve to be in the top half of this conference. You work your living brains out all the time and it's everybody's goal. It would mean a lot to us. I have people telling me what would happen if they jumped four spots over you in the lead to get somewhere? I don't know. I just know we are the 5th place team and the 2nd ranked RPI Conference. We won three top 50's in the last month and a half. It looks like an NCAA tournament team to me. Did it look like a NCAA tournament team to you today? Give it the eyeball test. That is all I'm asking. Look at the uniform; don't look at it, but what is inside of the uniform. That is all I'm asking for.