Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Women's Basketball (Bonus Video Edition)

March 5, 2010

Special ACC Women's Basketball Tournament Video Edition



Women's Basketball

Winning an ACC Championship would be... The best part of being an ACC athlete is... I wear No. _____ because? The reason I started playing basketball was... When's the seasons over I plan to...


Mykala Walker
Wake Forest

Amazing for our program Getting to travel all over the and just being able to play in such a great conference. I wear No. 33 because Jessie Cain wears No. 13 and that's my number. Because my older cousin Tiffany played basketball and she's my role model and I've always wanted to be just like her so I got on the court just like she did. Rest...and then get started on working out in the postseason.


Lynetta Kizer

Great for the team right now after all of the things that we went through this year. Just the competition that we play each day we go to perform. I wear No. 12 because one of my friends passed away and he had cancer and his number was 12 so it's kind of like honoring his number. Because I grew up around basketball and it's a fun sport to play. Get right back in the gym and prepare for next season.


Italee Lucas
North Carolina

Amazing. The friends you make. I wear No. 50 because...five-o. Because of my dad. Go home to Las Vegas.


Lindsay Biggs
Virginia Tech

One of the best things in the world and it would be an awesome accomplishment for our program. Just being able to compete with some of the best athletes from around the country. I wear No. 20 because that's the number I wore in AAU and I played with it for seven years and it was just an awesome experience and that's how I bacame the player I am today. Just for fun at first and then I ended up being pretty good so I just kept going with it. Just enjoy my last few months of college and concentrate on graduating and try to figure out what I'm going to do with my life.


Brittanny Johnson
Boston College

A great way to end my college career. That we get to travel around and play great teams and play against great competition every single day. I wear No. 22 because they didn't have my number when I first came. It feels good and I really like it. My dad and mom played in college. He told me to try it out and I tried it out and really enjoyed it Search for a job.


Jasmine Thomas

Accomplishing our second goal of the season. The challenge to play your "A" game every game, because any team is capable of winning regardless of the standings. I wear No. 5 because No. 15 was taken and I wasn't a fan of No. 1 so I went with the No. 5. It has definitely grown on me and I loved the idea of starting fresh in college with a new number.


Because my older brother played. ...