#ACCwbb Tournament: Game 3 Press Conference Quotes

March 4, 2010

Post Game Quotes: Boston College

Sylvia Crawley: We got a chance to watch film of the last time we played Virginia Tech a week ago and got to correct things that didn't work for us. And one of our keys to victory was just one-on-one defense. Containing them. We tried to focus on that, and transition defense and block out rebounding. I thought that we did a great job at all three. I think that was due to Stefanie Murphy playing extremely well as of late. So they couldn't double guard the post anymore, so they started attacking our guards just being very aggressive with our guards. Their guards were crashing the boards on us and I thought our guards did a very good job of stepping up to the challenge. I thought they played incredible defense especially for Brittanny Johnson and they blocked out when they came off of rebounds. So it was a collective effort for us tonight. We got a chance to put some of our younger players in and give some of our starters some a rest for tomorrow's game.

Were you pleased to get another opportunity in such short order?

Brittanny Johnson: Definitely. You know we came out the first time we had three spectacular efforts and we should have come away with a win. Just knowing that coming in today we knew that pay back was due. I think we played them so recently that it helped us out. Because we knew what we had to do, and what we should have done the first time.

Coach, a little bit of a disappointment in the regular season. Do you think the team is on an intermission now from post season play?

Sylvia Crawley: I think so. I don't think they want it to end. I think our seniors are a driving team; they are hungry for more games. And so this is a team, in my opinion, who can beat any team in the ACC on any given night when we come out ready to play. And we are playing good defensively and blocking out rebounds, and so if we can continue to win one more, then it looks good for us. And so, I thought tonight our defense was very, very good. When we were at Virginia Tech, they shot 60% on the floor, and they shot a high percentage. Tonight they were 2-for-11 from the three, and I thought that was the difference for tonight.

You had a lot of different people getting 3-pointers. How effective is that for you, generally.

Sylvia Crawley: Like I said we challenge them to step up in every area. Some of that was due to good screens and our guards are waiting on screens. And we did a good job. And, you know, I just thought that they are hungry, and they are hungry for another game. That was the difference and it just came down to who wanted it the most and I felt like our team wanted it. That started two days ago, not just today. I could see it in their eyes. They wanted this win tonight.

This is for Stefanie. You seem to be able to score at will at some point during the game did that inspire you coming in to today?

Stefanie Murphy: Well, you know, like Coach said, our seniors are trying to lead us right now. And I know I don't want this end right now. And I will try to do whatever I can whether it is offense or defense, if I had an opponent that I can do that to that will be a fun game so.

Sylvia Crawley: If I can say this about Stefanie. She has been playing well for the last eight games. And so a lot of times she gets overlooked, and she does a lot of good things for our team and she has been consistent for us as of late. I was happy tonight; she was able to come up with a big game another time. And so, you know, she is a key part of what we are doing. I think our players are looking for her, she has a little more confidence and she is finishing around the basket. The area she is growing in, now she is more of a back to the basket player as opposed facing up. She can play inside out. I think she feels more comfortable inside finishing. And our teammates have confidence in her that she will finish on the inside as well.

Brittanny, can you talk a little bit about what you were doing [inaudible].

Brittanny Johnson: Yeah, you know, Lindsay is a great player. I was trying to guard her before she got the ball. My teammates did a great job of just helping me get through the screens you know staying as long as I needed them to stay. I'm not the only one that guarded her. Everyone who guarded her did a great job staying physical with her keeping their hands up, and forced her to take tough shots.

It looked like the team generated a lot of mid-range jumpers and were pretty successful with them. Why did that develop as part of your game tonight?

Brittanny Johnson: You know, we can credit the coaches for showing us film. When we played V Tech down there a couple of weeks ago, that was open. Their jumpers were open and we weren't taking them. So they just showed us in the film they were open and we were able to knock them down today.

Sylvia Crawley: We saw on the film, we saw them go behind the ball screens, and our guards were catching it further away behind the 3-point line and when the toes were on the line they tended to go over the screen. So once we looked at that as a team we split up the guards and both of our guards really worked on taking shots and or coming off a ball strength tight to the basketball and in the mid range area was open for us. And I think they did a good job of knocking down those shots.

How do you feel about tomorrow and getting a crack at Florida State?

Stefanie Murphy: Well last year the same situation happened. I believe we played Miami the first round and then played Florida State the second round and Florida State. Having another crack at Florida State is what we want to do and we'll do whatever it takes to win.

Brittanny Johnson: You know, I think this tournament provides us with a great opportunity. A lot of teams that we are facing now are teams we didn't play well against. All we have to do is look at what we did during those games and really focus on those things that helped us to get better. Florida State was a team we didn't play well against, and we are happy to have an opportunity at them.

Sylvia Crawley: Like Brittanny said we are facing teams that we didn't beat in the regular season. And so we're very fortunate to get another opportunity. And I think it's tough to beat a team twice. And we get a chance to look at what didn't work the last time. Florida State is a very physical team. The last time we played them I just remembered they didn't switch off screens. They just plowed through the screens and they worked extremely hard. It's going to be a physical game. We'll have to roll up our sleeves and work hard for 40 minutes and our players understand that now. They know what it's going to take to beat a team like Florida State. They are a solid team at every position. And anyone on the floor can hit an open shot. It keeps you on your toes, and you can't play off anyone. It should be a good game tomorrow.

Post Game Quotes:Virginia Tech

Amy Yakola: I'm pleased to be joined at the desk by Virginia Tech Head Coach Beth Dunkenberger, and junior athletes Brittany Gordon and Shanel Harrison.

Beth Dunkenberger: Obviously it was a tough offensive day for the Hokies. I thought Boston College jumped on us early in the technical paint and we were never able to get back out of the hole. The second end we were a little more aggressive and we weren't able to make up the deficit.

They did a good job of focusing on Lindsay and stopping her from shooting and what were they doing, and what was it they were doing and what was it you were trying to get her to do?

Beth Dunkenberger: They were mixing up their defenses in their zone. And we were a little stagnant and they did know where Lindsay was and they matched up a little bit in the zone. It was tough for her to get it. We finished there in the first half trying to get looks for her. Again they played a great defense. We had a great game against them at home, and a lot of that was sparked by our defense fueling this transition offense, and they really limited us in the transition offensive end today.

Shanel, it's 3-2 almost immediately and the mid-point of the first half, you are down 17. From what you were seeing what was happening or not happening to make that kind of start happen that day? Is it a case of not matching BC's energy and intensity?

Shanel Harrison: They were changing defense and so she couldn't get off like she wanted to. And also on offense we couldn't get anything, and shots weren't followed through.

For Brittany. You did so well against them last time especially on the defense. What was it they were able to do to get the ball inside especially early that you weren't able to battle this time?

Brittany Gordon: I think they did the same thing they did the first time, they hit a few back swings here and there, and wasn't getting around as much, wasn't as aggressive on defense, as I was supposed to be. And I think that is when they started dunking in more.