ACC Continues its Fight Against Breast Cancer Through Relationship with FRIENDS

Feb. 19, 2010

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The Atlantic Coast Conference Women's Basketball Tournament is a proud partner of Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test®. Over the course of this 10-year relationship, the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament has donated over $100,000 to FRIENDS in support of their mission to find a biological earlier detection test for breast cancer.

The 2010 Women’s Basketball Tournament enters its 11th year of the partnership, and will present a donation on behalf of the ACC and the Greensboro Coliseum during a timeout of the Championship game on Sunday, March 7.

Beginning in 2000, the ACC approved the partnership with FRIENDS, a Greensboro-based foundation committed to providing seed funding for researchers working on a biological earlier detection test. Initially, the tournament donated a percentage of revenues to the organization to Friends' research grants.

At their annual Gathering of Friends in October 2008, Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test® honored the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament for its support and partnership by naming a research grant in honor of the Tournament. This marked the highest honor bestowed upon a partner or supporter of FRIENDS.

"The ACC and all 12 of our head coaches are deeply committed to the fight against breast cancer," said Nora Lynn Finch, ACC Associate Commissioner. "All of us in some way or another have been touched by this disease, and we strongly encourage our fans and community to join us in educating others on preventative measures."

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More about the FRIENDS
Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test®, also known as Friends...You Can Count On®, is specifically focused on only one critical issue for breast cancer...identifying a biological test to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, possibly before a tumor has even formed. This biological test may include a blood test, a urine test, a saliva test, etc. It would be a non-invasive test, which would identify a marker generated by the body, which would be a red flag for the medical community to indicate that there is the presence of breast cancer. With this type of breast cancer test, any and every aged person, male and female could be easily screened on a routine basis. A biological test would be able to identify the presence of breast cancer far earlier than the technology, which is now available because it would exclude the multiple variables that must be dealt with at this time. It would be the gold standard for cancer screening and early detection.

Friends...You Can Count On® is the only 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in the United States focused exclusively on funding research to find a biological earlier detection test for breast cancer. FRIENDS was established to generate, collect, protect, and distribute money for this one purpose. For more information on FRIENDS, visit