Inside ACCess: A Look Inside Women's Basketball

Jan. 28, 2011

ACC Women's Basketball
Favorite book? Career ambition? TV show you are embarrassed to admit that you watch? What one word describes your team? Proudest moment? Person in sports that you would most like to meet?
Tiffany Ruffin
Boston College

The Pact Journalist Hannah Montana Crazy Getting into college, graduating high school Kobe Bryant
Chancie Dunn

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Sports Agent Whale Wars Sisterhood Signing to an ACC school Lebron James
Krystal Thomas

To Kill A Mocking Bird Surgeon Wizards Of Waverly Place Dangerous Winning the ACC Championship in 2010 John Wooden
Cierra Bravard
Florida State

Eclipse Coach Teen Mom Random Going to the elite eight in NCAA tournament Lebron James
LaQuananisha Adams
Georgia Tech

Gunz & Roses Physician Assistant Hannah Montana Family Signing my scholarship to Georgia Tech Erika DeSouza