ACC Receives 25 NCAA Wrestling Championship Qualifier Allocations

Feb. 24, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS ( -- The NCAA has announced the qualifier allocations for the 2012 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships with the Atlantic Coast Conference being awarded 25 automatic spots, including multiple qualifiers in eight of the 10 weight classes.

The ACC was awarded four qualifiers each in the 125- and 141-pound weight classes. Three spots were awarded to the conference at 133, 157 and 165. The 149-, 174- and 184-pound weight classes earned two spots apiece.

Each qualifying tournament was awarded spots per weight class based on current year data. Each wrestler was measured on the following: Division I winning percentage; rating percentage index (RPI); and coaches ranking.

For each wrestler that reached the threshold in at least two of the three categories, his qualifying tournament was awarded a qualifying spot in that weight class. Each qualifying tournament, with automatic qualifying status, was awarded a minimum of one wrestler per weight class, which will go to the tournament champion, even if they did not have any wrestlers reach at least two of the three thresholds. NCAA tournament spots for each qualifying event will be awarded at the tournament based solely on place-finish. The ACC Wrestling Championship is set for Saturday, March 3, at the University of North Carolina’s Carmichael Arena.

After all of the qualifying events have concluded, the NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee will meet in-person to select the remaining 40 at-large qualifiers, which will be announced on March 7. All weight classes will consist of 33 wrestlers. The at-large selections will be made based on the following criteria: head-to-head competition; qualifying event placement; quality wins; results against common opponents; winning percentage; RPI; coaches ranking and the number of matches contested at that weight class.