Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Wrestling

Jan. 10, 2010



Most played song on my iPod is... One talent I wish I had is... My favorite way to celebrate a victory is... I came to ______ because... After I get out of school I plan to...


Voris Tejada

Varies, but over the years its probably been "Suffocate" by J. Holiday. Playing guitar or piano or speaking multiple languages. Go out for a big team dinner. I came to Duke because of the versatility of the school, academic and athletic excellence along with a beautiful campus. Go to law school.


Hudson Taylor

"Trapeze Swinger" by Iron and Wine. I like music with good lyrics and strong vocals - Iron and Wine is just that. Bottom dealing. I enjoy doing card tricks and having a good bottom deal is the crown jewel for working with cards. To go to dinner with my family, fiancé, and friends. Nothing is better than celebrating with the people who care about you most. I came to Maryland because it was a place where I could excel as both an athlete and a student. Maryland has given me the training I was looking for as an athlete and more importantly as a person. Attend law school. By pursuing a law degree I will be able to make a difference in the policies that shape the world.


Danny Gonsor

"Soundtrack 2 My Life" by Kid Cudi or "What It's Like" by Everlast. I wish I could be a better disc golf player. I try playing now but I'm not very good. The only person I can beat is Derek Valenti, but I can beat him in any competition. Going out to eat with friends and teammates. I came to Virginia because of the combination of wrestling, athletics, great campus and a team that has similar goals and the work ethic to achieve them. Coach wrestling.