Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Men's Tennis

Jan. 29, 2010

Men's Tennis
The reason I started playing tennis was… My favorite way to celebrate a victory is... When I’m not playing tennis I like to… My hidden talent not many people know about is… Winning an ACC Championship would be…
Rob Lowe
NC State

Because when I was around three years old I had to go and sit in my stroller and watch my mom play her afternoon tennis down at the tennis club. When I celebrate a victory I always turn to my coach and pump both of my fists, because nine times out of 10 it’s been a tough match and full of tension. So it’s good to show my coach the double fist pump. Go watch movies with friends and hang out playing the Nintendo Wii and winning at Mario Kart. I also enjoy playing a round of golf with some of my teammates. Not many people know that I play the piano. The most memorable achievement and dream come true.
Christian Blöcker

My mother was a professional tennis player. Throw ice water coolers over my coaches. Hang out with my dogs and family, play the guitar and go cycling. Great ability to kick a football even though I’m European. A huge achievement for my team and our program. Winning the ACC Championship would entail beating at least two or three tops teams and that’s what is so great about this amazing conference.
Yoann Re
Virginia Tech

My father. He didn't give me the choice (haha). Going to the restaurant with the whole team. Watch tv shows, write and read. I wrote 3 books. Indescribable.
Connor Smith
Florida State

My dad. To celebrate with the team. Hang out and just relax. I don't think I have one. Great to get that big ring.
Thomas Nolan Boston College

Because of my dad, who also played college tennis. Hang out with those same people who I shared the court with earlier that day. Sporcle, the most addicting website. How good I am at Mario Tennis and Text Twist. Simply unreal.