Inside ACCess: Men's Soccer

Nov. 4, 2011

Student-athletes ACC mascot you would choose to be for a day: Favorite movie: Career Ambition: Opponent you would like to add to your schedule: Sports idol as a child: TV Channel or show you most watch:
Steven Rose
Boston College


Billy Madison

Investment banker

Seton Hall - school I used to go to

Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan


Johnathan Aguirre

Blue Devil

Space Jam

Own a restaurant; Become a pilot; Own an island; Wall Street


Muhammad Ali

Parks & Recreation

Kirk Urso
North Carolina

Duke Blue Devil - I could be like the Trojan horse and get the inside scoop on what's going on over there.

It just came out, but I thought Moneyball was great.

I'm still figuring that one out, but if soccer doesn't work out, I'm expecting a call from Spielberg.

New Mexico or Creighton. Right now both of those teams are having great years and I would like to see how we match up.

Had to be Michael Jordan. Growing up in Chicago I was a huge bulls fan and the competitiveness he brought day in and day out coupled with his ability to win so many championships is inspiring.

I don't have cable right now so I stick to for my entertainment.