Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Men's Soccer

Oct. 1, 2010


ACC Men's Soccer
Career ambition (outside of your sport)? # of languages you speak/ which ones? Favorite professional team? What is your coach's biggest "pet peeve"? I wear jersey # __ because ...? What is your proudest moment?
Sacir Hot
Boston College

Sports Athletic Director 3, English, Spanish and Serbian AC Milan Not listening or following small details #5 because I always wear #15 but it was taken Winning the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland
Greg Young

Management Consultant 1, English Giants, Red Sox, Knicks Balls not being pumped up #24 because my dad wore it Winning the National Championship
Hunter Jumper

Movie Critic 1, English Mavericks Being out past midnight #17 because it's greatness Winning a National Championship
Koen Ooast
Virginia Tech

Research 4, Dutch, German, French and English FC Barcelona Earings and Wristbands #18 because they gave it to me. Not one moment just be proud about what you're doing and about the choices you make
Kofi Agyapong
Wake Forest

Computer Engineering 17, English, Housa, 10 local and 5 other African languages Liverpool, Red Sox Losing against Virginia #33 because thats what I earned. My coach gave it to me. Coming to the United States by myself