Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Men's Lacrosse

March 26, 2010

ACC Men's Lacrosse
My favorite athlete (any sport) is________ because . . . My most memorable moment on the field is . . . TV show on which I would most like to guest star is . . . Best place I ever visited . . . My favorite type of food is . . . The reason I wear No. _____ is?
Sean Jackson
North Carolina

Dennis Rodman because although he may be loud and obnoxious, once he stepped onto the court (and fixed his hair), he made sure that he was going to out work/hustle/play every other person on the court for every single rebound. His rebounds were a guarantee. Beating Duke this year for the first time in my college career after we had lost 8 games to Duke in my first 3 years. It was memorable not only because of the win, but also because the seniors gathered after the win for "mustache" victory photos. We were growing them for spring break as we figured if you can't go on a vacation, we would take a vacation from ourselves as a couple of guys with a couple of mustaches. Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek or Nitro Circus with Travis Pastranna (both on MTV). They do some of the craziest and outlandish things on both of those shows. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I spent some time there this winter before returning to school and it was amazing. It was the first time I ever got off a plane and walked right on the tarmac. Straight cowboy country. The Grand Tetons, along with tons of elk and buffalo, are right at your back at all times. It was so tranquil and ordinary that it was unordinary to me. Classic greasy American food, so anything from a chili-cheese hotdog to a Double Quarter pounder at McDonalds. 33. Because I am twice as awesome as Kevin Federico who wears #3. In truth, I wore #1 in high school but it was taken by Bart Wagner. I prefer the single digit numbers of 1, 3, and 6. I couldn't have any of those, so I went for the double three. I got really lucky because I asked coach behind-the-scenes before anyone else could ask!
Max Pomper

My favorite athlete is Kevin Ogletree (Dallas Cowboys) because he is one of my best friends and is going to be a beast in the NFL. Winning the NCAA Quarterfinal game against Maryland in double overtime in '08 to advance to the final four. It was a back and forth game that we had to win and we were able to make it happen. The Sopranos, Entourage, or maybe Califonication San Sebastian, Spain. I spent a summer there with my teammates in 2008. NY Pizza 42. A good family friend used to play midfield for Johns Hopkins University and I looked up to him. He wore the #42, so I figured it would be a good number for me.
Adam Sear

My favorite athlete is Lance Armstrong because his drive and passion is like no other. Our win against No. 1 and previously unbeaten UVA at Byrd Stadium during my sophomore year. Entourage Rottnest Island, Western Australia Pasta 12. When I was growing up, a player that I admired wore No. 11 so I wanted to be the number after him. I had it when I was about 11 years old and have had it ever since.