Quoting ACC Football: October 31, 2012

Oct. 31, 2012

Boston College Eagles   Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani on receiver Alex Amidon:

"You hit the word, 'consistent season'. He's been a consistent player since we've been here in the aspects of he comes out to work. It's important to him; he gives a hundred percent. He's just built on his freshman year, sophomore year. Usually your third year is when you start seeing kids blossom. I'm happy for him. It's a product of his hard work and consistency...He's got good speed. He's deceptively fast. The other thing, to go back to your previous question, Doug Martin has done a great job with our offense, certainly utilizing the talents that he has available to him. We all recognize what Alex brings to the table"

Clemson Tigers   Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on Saturday's game against Duke:

"Excited about traveling up to Durham. Very impressed with Duke. It's easy to see why they've had the success they've had this year when you really watch them on film. Very sound offensively, defensively. Dangerous in the special teams. Just a lot of guys that you can just see believe in what they're doing. They play very hard. They've had a couple games that have gotten away from them, but they have really competed their tails off for four quarters every week and we're going to have to play well. We look forward to going up there. Had a good week of practice so far. Looks like we're going to be a little bit healthier this week than last week, which is a good thing. A couple extra days was good for us coming off the Thursday night game. Look forward to coming up and competing at a place that our none of our guys have been up to before. Hopefully it will be a good trip for us."

Duke Blue Devils   Duke head coach David Cutcliffe on facing powerful teams:

"The biggest thing is we're a team that has to represent ourselves in all three phases of the game, which is what we've done. We've worked hard at developing a program like that where our offense, defense, and the kicking game complement each other. When we played pretty darn good in all three of them, we're a good football team. We went to Tallahassee and played poorly in all three phases. We're not going to survive on talent alone when we close the gap better than what we did by a long shot. But we need all three phases to hold our heads up and play well. We don't have to play great but pretty well. I think that is the biggest difference. If we don't play well in all three aspects, we'll have a difficult time with great teams like Florida State or Clemson."

Florida State Seminoles   Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher on kicker Dustin Hopkins:

"He's tremendous. Everybody looks at the points. What he does on kickoffs, field position, being able to kick that ball high enough, not let certain guys touch the ball, it's a tremendous weapon. His ability to have the range on the field goals and the consistency, it's a huge weapon, a vital part of recruiting. We're blessed to have him. I know that...He's a great athlete. He runs 4.5, dunks the basketball backwards. He's a tremendous athlete.."

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson on Maryland's Joe Vellano:

"Vellano's certainly one of the best players in the conference...He got my vote a year ago when he had 16 stackles out here against us when we played. But I think that you just try to neutralize him. He's a good player. He's going to make plays. You try to be in a position to help double him or help chip on him when you can. It will be a challenge to our offensive line. They know who he is and are aware of what he's done. He's a good player. You're not going to completely stop a player like that. He's going to make plays."

Maryland Terrapins   Maryland head coach Randy Edsall on having a young team:

"I think our team has handled all the situations pretty well. One thing I wish we could have done a little bit better is finish the last two ball games we had where we could have made one more first down on offense or had one more stop on defense. But we're getting great effort from our guys. Again, I just think sometimes when you have young guys out there playing who don't have a ton of experience, what happens is they get put into some situations where they may not have seen it. It might be the first time. They might not react the way you want. Again, we've been in a lot of close ballgames all year. We're 4-4, so we do know how to win close games. But then we also still have to be able to make a couple plays at the end to secure some other victories, as well."

Miami Hurricanes   Miami head coach Al Golden on the toughness of quarterback Stephen Morris:

"He's elite in his toughness and ability to fight through things. He didn't practice at all for Florida State, but yet went out there and competed against an excellent front and a pressure group. He's had a chance to heal up here in the bye week. He's refreshed. I think the guys around him have grown up, especially on the offensive line or wide receivers and Randy Johnson. So I'm expecting him to really play well for us down the stretch."

North Carolina Tar Heels   North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora on what makes Eric Ebron so tough for defenses to cover:

"Well, one, he has great speed for a guy that's 245 pounds. He can run routes like a wide receiver. He not only uses the defensive back's leverage, but he understands how to break the leverage down and take advantage of it. Then he's a big bodied guy that knows how to use his body. So he's definitely a weapon for us all over the field."

NC State Wolfpack   NC State head coach Tom O'Brien on Saturday's opponent, Virginia:

"They have a great tailback. They have two of them in (Perry) Jones and (Kevin) Parks. They're playing with basically (Phillip) Sims as a first-year quarterback. The open week can do wonders for a quarterback, to go back research what he's done. He's got some things in their offense they can correct. It gives chances to the quarterback coach and their offensive staff to emphasize and to make him successful. Still have huge guys up front. Three of their starters are back from last year, functional offensive line. Defensively they're the third best defense in the conference. We already played Florida State and Maryland two of the last three games we played. So they're third best in the conference statistically on defense. Coach (Jim) Reid does a great job of putting them in position to be successful. They're a good football team that's had some misfortune. Hopefully we can make sure we take care of ourselves and win the football game on Saturday."

Virginia Cavaliers   Virginia head coach Mike London on facing David Amerson:

"Obviously, he's a great player. He's a draft pick. I think he had 13 interceptions last year and I think maybe three or four this year. The thing that he does is he'll play -- a lot of people try to put three receivers to one side and try to go one-on-one on the back side with a single receiver. Well, he's that guy on the back side because of the match-ups and the opportunities there, even in the nickel package, when they bring in that extra guy, he's an extra nickel DB. He's always around the ball. What they do as a secondary well is they're always around the ball, contesting passes and things like that. He's such a talent that he finds the ball. It makes you look at some times what you try to do because you have to look at who you're trying to do it against. You respect all opponents and their abilities. But you have to be aware that there are some players that are dynamic players that you're going to have to pay special attention to. Over the course of his career, and you can see that he's earned a lot of recognition for the style of player that he is. Rightfully so. So we do have to know where he's at, and be cognizant of the fact that he's always around the ball. Like you said, had he two against us last year and one deep in our red zone. We just had to be aware and take care of the ball which has been our issue."

Virginia Tech Hokies   Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer on the crowd energy of Thursday night games:

"We like our crowd here in Blacksburg. They usually get cranked. But I think anyone when you're competing and there is a lot of energy in the place and a lot of excitement and a crowd that is very much into it, I think most players like playing in that type of situation. I'd much rather play in that type of situation like we're going to have down in Miami as opposed to not having much energy or excitement around. I think our players would like that too or do like that."

Wake Forest Demon Deacons   Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe on the the Deacons' season to this point:

"Yeah, I think we missed a couple opportunities earlier in the season. I think we're disappointed that we had great opportunities against Duke, against Maryland, didn't get it done. Our backs are against the wall right now. With four games left, we have four really good teams to play. We'll have to play our best football to win any of them. To win two of them is going to be a challenge. But I think we're capable of winning all four. It's a matter of staying healthy, playing good, having a good plan as coaches, having the kids go execute it."