Quoting ACC Football: October 10, 2012

Oct. 10, 2012

Boston College Eagles   Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani on playing Florida State this Saturday:

"We've got Florida State in Tallahassee and certainly a very talented football team that's well-coached and has a lot of talent. It's going to be a challenge for us, and we're looking forward to going down there...The best way we approach it, and it's held
me in good standing throughout coaching, is get our guys to be playing at the highest level they possibly can and expect the other team to play at their highest level and then go from there."

Clemson Tigers   Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on DeAndre (Nuk) Hopkins:

"He was a go-to guy last year. I think he had over 70 catches and over 1,000 yards receiving. You know, he's pretty much a go-to guy since the day he's arrived at Clemson. He's just different in that his -- when he came in here as a true freshman, he was a good player, a very talented, young player but still had a lot of developing to do physically and mentally. And then last year he took another step forward and was tremendous. But the reason he got overshadowed is because Nuk had been here, Sammy Watkins had just gotten here, and you just don't anticipate a true freshman doing what Sammy did. I think that's why he kind of stole all the headlines, because it was his first time here...But Nuk, again, is a guy that has been great since he got here. He's just been developing. And the biggest part of his development has been physical. He's developed mentally, but the physical part has really allowed him to become a dominant player."

Duke Blue Devils   Duke head coach David Cutcliffe on Saturday's opponent, Virginia Tech:

"This is a huge challenge for us. Any time we've gone to Blacksburg, it's been hard for us. They are a physical team. I think it's one of the better programs in the country. I've said it time and time again that Coach Beamer is the top football coach in the country. He has all of our respect, and they have got weapons, they've got physical strength. You better strap it on when you play a Virginia Tech football team. I'm glad we've got a few guys on our team that have been up there. They understand Virginia Tech football, and they understand the challenge it's going to be...I'm sure we're looking forward to it, but we're very realistic in knowing how big a challenge this is to match up with them physically."

Florida State Seminoles   Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher on moving forward from the loss to NC State:

"We have practiced very well this week, have been very proud of our kids the way they've responded back to the adversity we faced as far as dropping the game at North Carolina State who played a great second half and came back in the ballgame. We did not execute as much as we wanted to, and we have to coach them a little better, and we have to play a little better on some things, and then we'll be okay. It's not anything that is a drastic measure, but it was a very hard-fought, tough ballgame that we come down to the last play and North Carolina State was able to make. We had plenty of opportunities in the game to be successful and weren't. But we're moving on and we're looking forward to Boston College. There's a lot of football left to play. Very proud of our kids, they way they've responded. We've got great leadership on this team, and we're looking forward to playing a very good Boston College."

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson on appreciating the bye week:

"I think the bye week comes at a great time for us. Certainly the first half of the season hadn't gone as we would have hoped or expected. I think it gives us a chance to heal up a little bit, regroup, and come back to see if we can't play a little better this last half of the season. So we're looking forward to doing that. Coming off another tough game against Clemson who is a very good football team, but like every conference game we've had this year, it's been a close game. Ahead in the fourth quarter, and didn't turn out the way we would have liked."

Maryland Terrapins   Maryland head coach Randy Edsall on J.J. Johnson:

"Well, it's very easy to say that J.J. was going to perform well because you just see the work ethic that he has and the time and effort that he's put into not only the weight room but studying film, taking notes in the meetings, and then going on the practice field and working every play. Every time he has an opportunity as an individual to get better as a technician, that's really what it's stemmed from. It's just stemmed from him doing those things and listening to Brian and what he's teaching him. But the credit goes to J.J. for the work ethic and character that he has and then how he prepares in terms of taking notes and then how he goes and practices on the field."

Miami Hurricanes   Miami head coach Al Golden on Saturday's opponent, North Carolina:

"We're back home. Had to play what I think is the hottest teams in our conference in North Carolina. Explosive on offense, averaging 44 points a game and nearly 500 yards. The offensive line is excellent, veterans. I think they've only given up four sacks. They have everything you're looking for in a tight end running back and wide receiver. I think, obviously, (Giovani) Bernard coming back has added kind of a boost for North Carolina. But A.J. Blue, the other running back that plays is excellent as well. I think their quarterback is doing a nice job now. His touchdown-interception ratio is tremendous, and he's really confident right now. On defense, athletic, fast, very strong up front, taking the ball away, being disruptive with tackles for loss and keeping opponents under 18 points a game and this is the most compete special teams unit that I've seen on film so far. So great challenge for us from not only for a Coastal Division rival, but somebody that's playing really well right now."

North Carolina Tar Heels   North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora on Jonathan Cooper:

"Jonathan's a tremendous player. I can't imagine there being that many guards in the country with his kind of skill level. I've never had one, actually. So he's a very talented young man that believes in the goals of the team and truly wants the team to be successful. He's your typical offensive lineman. He doesn't talk about himself. It's not about him. It's about the team, and it's about seeing success as an offense and what they do, what we do as a team."

NC State Wolfpack   NC State head coach Tom O'Brien on Mike Rose's blocked punt against Florida State:

"Well, it's a block that we worked on all week. I think Jerry Petercuskie, our special teams coach, thought that we could have the opportunity to get that. When it presented itself -- everybody has to do their job, and first off, the three, four guys inside got off the ball really well, got off really quick, got across the line of scrimmage, and then as they get to that three-man surface there, they got there at the same time, and what happened is he was able to split the two guys. It's ironic because generally that would have been Logan Winkles' spot. Rose is about five inches taller and has a larger wing span, was able to get his hand on the ball, and that ended up being a huge play in the game because it ended up being about a six-yard change of possession in the spot of the ball."

Virginia Cavaliers   Virginia head coach Mike London on receiver Darius Jennings:

"Darius as a true sophomore has basically become -- he's been playing extensively -- has become kind of the guy. Even with all that being said, having played last year and having played this year, there is some experience that he has, but there are still some things that obviously players that the longer they play, the more experience they get, the more understanding of the game they have. But Darius has proven that he's got some big playability going from last year and a couple of catches this year. Hoping that he really blossoms and takes that role that we're missing right now with Timmy being out. Take the role of being the leader in the huddle as well as the guy that can be a go-to guy on the field. He's taking pride in accepting that. But it takes those opportunities in games to be involved in doing that. But Darius is an outstanding young man that is working hard to be a team leader and be vocal. Sometimes those sophomores don't want to say anything. They're looking around. But we need guys that have gone in games and done things and contributed and produced to have the feeling that there is a stake in what they say and what they do, And Darius is one of them."

Virginia Tech Hokies   Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer on Saturday's opponent, Duke:

"I'm really impressed with this Duke football team. Very well-coached, and playing good football. Really using a couple of different quarterbacks, actually three. They do different things so that complicates things for you defensively. Then defensively they played very hard and were well-coached. So we've got our work cut out again this week...I think Duke is very impressive. You look at them, and they've got a lot of good players. Like I said, I think they're extremely well-coached. It takes time. Dave Cutcliffe has done a good job there. His staff has done a good job, and I give them all the credit."

Wake Forest Demon Deacons   Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe on Nikita Whitlock:

"he had a little bit of a tweaked hamstring in August and really didn't start the season real well, and about halfway into the North Carolina game had a high ankle sprain, actually tore a ligament in his ankle and showed some toughness to me, came back against Duke and showed me some grit and kind of determination that you expect out of him. But he was just okay; didn't shoot the lights out. But Saturday he looked like the old Nikita Whitlock. He made a bunch of bonus points and had some tackles for loss and a sack and stuff like that. You know, that's what we had hoped to have gotten in the first six games. We only got it in last Saturday's game, but hopefully going forward we can get more production out of him. We really need him, and I think he looked like the old Nikita to me, which is exciting for us."