Quoting ACC Football: October 3, 2012

Oct. 3, 2012

Boston College Eagles   Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani on Alex Amidon:

"Well, this is his third year; that's the first thing. And he's made progress every year. He works extremely hard. He spends as much time as needed in the film room, and he works hard on the practice field. He obviously has a gift, and certainly Doug (Martin) has done a great job of utilizing him and putting him in the right spots where Chase can get him the ball. I don't know if he has any unique characteristic other than -- well, he works harder than most football players, and he's got the ability. So that's usually an elixir for success."

Clemson Tigers   Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney on Saturday's game against Georgia Tech:

"Another big challenge this week with one of our biggest rivalry games that we have with Georgia Tech. It's always a very tough game for us. We've had some really close games and hard-fought games but have not won many of them the last few years here. Big, big game. It's good to be back at home. We've got a nice little home stretch coming up and an open date next week. Looking forward to getting back out in front of the home folks. We're going to have to play very well. This is a team that I know they're coming off a tough loss to Middle Tennessee, but they've had two overtime losses at Virginia Tech and then against Miami. I think everybody knows the kind of team that Georgia Tech is and the kind of coaching staff that they have. We're going to have to play a great game. Obviously their scheme presents many challenges, and we're off to a good week as far as preparation. But look forward to getting out there Saturday and hopefully playing our best game."

Duke Blue Devils   Duke head coach David Cutcliffe on Saturday's opponent, Virginia:

"This is obviously a big game for us every year, being a rival game, obviously same division. A very talented Virginia team. A well-coached Virginia team. They're always big, physical, athletic football team. They're going to play hard in all three phases.
They've got a lot of weapons on their offense. Put up 625 yards a week ago and a lot of outstanding players on defense. One of the best linebackers in our league. But a big, powerful defensive front. I think they do an outstanding job with their kicking game. So it's a team every year that gives you a lot of problems."

Florida State Seminoles   Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher on this Saturday's matchup of Seminole defense against NC State's offense:

"Well, I think, again, keep great leverage on the ball. I think we have to give multiple looks; I think we have to win the battle in the trenches; I think we have to be able to affect the quarterback in a very legal way and be able to put pressure. That's anybody. That's what you want to do. But you have to cover their guys. You're going to have to try to create different looks. They have very good receivers, and (Mike) Glennon, you give him looks all day, he'll rip you apart. He can throw that football to all parts of the field, and I think you have to be dominant up front. I think we have to give multiple looks in the secondary to be able to cover, make tight windows to be able to throw and not allow them to run the football. If they can do both, we can be in trouble."

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson on Saturday's game against Clemson:

"I tell you, we've got a tremendous challenge this week. When you put on the tape of Clemson, they're scary good. They're very athletic. I think all their skill positions offensively, they have next-level players, and they're executing at a high level. It will be a huge challenge for us. That's always a tough place to play. We've got to bounce back from a really disappointing game on Saturday. We get thrown right back into the fire against a quality opponent in Clemson...I think we've had some great games with them in the past few years. The key is you try not to give up the big plays. They got a lot of big-play guys. You try to limit the big plays. I don't think you're going to shut them completely down. They have a good scheme, too many good players. So you got to try to match them. You got to try to get some turnovers, force them to continue to execute. If you don't give it to them all in one or two plays, make them have to grind it out. They can do that. Clearly if you watch, they can. But that's a far better chance of trying to stop them than the other when you give it up in one or two plays."

Maryland Terrapins   Maryland head coach Randy Edsall on Mike Madaras:

"Mike is a guy that's a neat guy to be around. He comes off as a little bit quiet, but when you have the opportunity to really sit down, he opens up, he's very intelligent. Again, he's a guy that comes from a really good high school football program at Good Counsel, coached by Bob Milloy. He's a guy that really, like I said, you like his effort, you like his tenacity. Again, he's picked up things really, really well, and now he's got to have that opportunity to start, and we just think that the more snaps that he gets, he's really going to develop into a really, really fine player. But like I said, just his athletic ability, his tenacity, his feel for the game and the strength and all that stuff will continue to come. But he's just a good guy to have and a guy that's going to get better with each snap that he gets here the rest of the season."

Miami Hurricanes   Miami head coach Al Golden on playing road games:

"Well, I think the last time we played a road game I think we grew up a lot. Two times ago against Kansas State in Manhattan, we were not ready for that venue. We weren't ready for that challenge. Then we responded at Georgia Tech. I was pleased with that. Hopefully we've grown a lot over the last two games to be able to kind of keep our eyes on the prize this week and stay focused and not have any distractions. That's the key going into this Notre Dame game on Saturday night."

North Carolina Tar Heels   North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora on facing Logan Thomas:

"Well, for our defense, we'll only have two guys that weigh more than him on the football field. Our two defensive tackles. He'll weigh more than our defensive ends. It's tough. When you go to get that guy down on a pass-rush or a sack, it's going to take seven or eight guys to get him down. It's something we understand, our guys are going to have to fly to the football, we're going to have to get there, we're going to have to gang tackle. That's what's going to have to happen. He presents a unique challenge for any team."

NC State Wolfpack   NC State head coach Tom O'Brien on this Saturday's opponent, Florida State:

"Well, certainly Florida State presents all kinds of problems for you, and that's the biggest challenge of the week that we have in the coaches' meeting room is trying to figure out how we're going to put ourselves in position to try to stay with them. I think as far as the team is concerned, the main problem I'm concerned with is their legs and their health. I mean, we played basically a four-hour game in 90-degree heat with humidity astronomical, too. So right now I think the physical fact of getting our legs back, because certainly if we're not quick -- if we're not as quick as we can be and as fast as we can be, it's going to be tough to stay up with the athletes that Florida State has."

Virginia Cavaliers   Virginia head coach Mike London on Duke's hot start this season:

"Well, I tell you, Coach Cutcliffe has done a great job there just hanging in there with his message, just talking about his philosophy. The players have bought in. It seems like (Sean) Renfree and Conner (Vernon) have been there forever. I think when I was at Richmond we played against them. It matters when you have an older, experienced quarterback, some receivers that have been around the system that he's teaching. What you see is that they're executing. They're executing their offense at a very high and efficient level. They're playing with a lot of energy. He's got them playing well."

Virginia Tech Hokies   Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer on Saturday's opponent, North Carolina:

"Really impressed with North Carolina. They got veterans up front on the offensive line. The tight ends are excellent. The quarterback, Renner, is completing 64% of the passes. Their tailbacks are really good. Bernard is back now, full tilt. Then big, tall wide receivers that can go get it. They do a good job at offense, stretch you horizontally, vertically, make you defend the field. Great screen team. Defensively, giving up 296 yards on average in a game, really playing well as a football team, really at the top of their game. We've got our work cut out for us."

Wake Forest Demon Deacons   Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe on scouting Maryland:

"Well, for one thing they're playing much better defense. They have a really physical front, a good group of linebackers. I think their secondary does a nice job in coverage, whether it's zone or man coverage. I think they're playing offensively really solid to try to run the football and hitch off play action throws, and they've got some really talented kids, a group of receivers that are talented, one kid in particular that's a home run threat every time he touches the ball. And I think -- the (Stefon) Diggs kid is who I'm talking about, and when he's on special teams as a punt returner, kick returner, he's electric doing that stuff. They're just a much-improved football team. I'm sure their year two with Randy in every area, offense, defense, kicking game, I'm sure they're feeling better about things than they did last year."