ACC and Orange Bowl Committee Announce Future Discover Orange Bowl Partnership

July 3, 2012

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference and the Orange Bowl Committee announced today a 12-year agreement that will annually feature the ACC Champion in the Discover Orange Bowl to be played on New Year’s Day at 1:00 pm beginning after the 2014 season.

As part of the new postseason college football arrangement recently announced by the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, the ACC has selected the Discover Orange Bowl as its annual contract bowl partner, to serve as the home of the ACC Champion. If the ACC Champion is identified as one of the top four teams by the Bowl Championship Series selection committee, then the ACC Champion will participate in the national semifinals and a replacement team from the ACC would participate in the Discover Orange Bowl.

In addition to the partnership between the ACC and the Discover Orange Bowl, it’s anticipated that the Orange Bowl will host at least four semifinal games in the new recently announced arrangement by the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee. In the years that the Orange Bowl serves as a semifinal host, the ACC Champion would then participate in one of the three host bowls that will be established as per the direction of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee.

Details on both the opponent and broadcast partner will be forthcoming.

“The ACC and Discover Orange Bowl have a terrific relationship and, as we look ahead to the future of postseason college football, this will further an already beneficial partnership for both organizations,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “The Discover Orange Bowl has a rich history of prestige, is located within the league’s footprint and is a great destination for our student-athletes, alumni and fans. In addition to our continued partnership, we are very pleased to be playing annually on New Year’s Day.”

“The Orange Bowl is extremely pleased to continue its relationship with the Atlantic Coast Conference,” said O. Ford Gibson, president and chair, Orange Bowl Committee. “We are looking forward to entering this new era of postseason collegiate football with a valued partner and its historically successful member institutions.”

The Discover Orange Bowl has been the home of the ACC Champion since 2006 and in the first seven years of partnership, five different ACC teams have competed. Throughout the 78 year history, nine of the current ACC institutions have played in at least one Orange Bowl.

About the Atlantic Coast Conference
The Atlantic Coast Conference is now in its 60th year of competition, the ACC has long enjoyed the reputation as one of the strongest and most competitive intercollegiate conferences in the nation. Since the league’s inception in 1953, ACC schools have captured 127 national championships, including 67 in women’s competition and 60 in men’s. In addition, NCAA individual titles have gone to ACC student-athletes 145 times in men’s competition and 104 times in women’s action. For more information, visit

About the Orange Bowl
The Orange Bowl is a 348-member, primarily-volunteer non-profit sports organization that promotes and serves the South Florida community. The Orange Bowl Festival features a year-round schedule of events culminating with the Discover Orange Bowl on January 1, 2013 and the Discover BCS National Championship on January 7, 2013. Other Orange Bowl core events include the MetroPCS Orange Bowl Basketball Classic, Orange Bowl Youth Football Alliance presented by Sports Authority, Orange Bowl International Tennis Championships, Orange Bowl Sailing Regatta Series and Orange Bowl Paddle Championships. For more information on the 2012-13 Orange Bowl Festival and its events, including promotional and volunteer opportunities through the Ambassador Program, log on to


Terry Don Phillips, Director of Athletics – Clemson

“Over the past several weeks there has been a lot of conversation about the playoffs and the Orange Bowl.  I’m very appreciative of the excellent work Commissioner Swofford and the ACC Staff have done to solidify our relationship with the Orange Bowl and the opportunities afforded by the BCS playoffs.  This is indeed an exciting time for the ACC and our programs.”

Kevin White, Director of Athletics – Duke

"Suffice to say, that the recent agreement between the ACC and the Orange Bowl speaks volumes about one of the premiere partnerships in all of college sports!"

"As a contracted bowl partner, the Orange Bowl with its great history and tradition, coupled with a highly attractive destination community, will clearly showcase the ACC in dramatic fashion at 1:00 pm on New Year’s Day - with unprecedented continuity."

Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics – Georgia Tech

“There is a fine line between Tradition and Habit. Over the last few years many of the marquee bowl games have had a habit of being played on days other than Jan 1. Our new arrangement rekindles the tradition of Jan 1 as a day to celebrate college football and we in the ACC are excited about partnering with the Discover Orange Bowl to lead off this day long celebration.”

Steve Pederson, Director of Athletics – Pitt

“As we enter this exciting new era in college football, it is very significant for two of the game’s greatest brands to partner into the future.  The Atlantic Coast Conference and the Orange Bowl will transition this historic success into the dynamic new future of college football together, and that is as it should be.”

Craig Littlepage, Director of Athletics – Virginia

"The work John Swofford and his staff have done to ensure the placement of the ACC football champion in the Discover Orange Bowl is great. It’s good news that the Discover Orange Bowl and the ACC will continue to develop the relationship which began in 2006; the added bonus is the New Year's Day date and the 1 pm time slot for kickoff."