2010 ACC Instant Replay to Go High-Definition

May 24, 2010

GREENSBORO, NC—The Atlantic Coast Conference has chosen DVSport, Inc., a leader in state-of-the-art high definition (HD) sports replay technology, to upgrade its football instant replay systems from Standard Definition to High Definition, ACC Commissioner John Swofford announced Monday.

The new HD system will provide ACC replay officials with the improved clarity of a high definition picture and an enhanced tool set to review each and every play. The system will be installed in time for the start of the 2010 ACC Football Season.

“Over the past five seasons, DVSport has provided the ACC with excellent service as our instant replay provider,” said Swofford. “During the last two ACC Championship games, we utilized HD Instant Replay and feel that by integrating it into the regular-season we are providing our officials with the best technology available which ensures the integrity of the game and is in the best interest of the coaches, players, officials and fans. We appreciate the partnership with DVSport and look forward to their continued support."

DVSport has supplied the Conference’s Instant Replay technology since the beginning of the use of Instant Replay in college football which began for the 2005 football season. The upgrade for the 2010 season, utilizing the DVSport HD Replay™ system, will provide the best possible video system for the League’s Replay Officials to make their determinations.

“We have had a close working relationship with the ACC since 2005,” said Brian Lowe, President and CEO of DVSport. “For the past two years, the conference has worked with us to define a timeline to implement HD in the replay booth. The ACC led the way to HD instant replay with their commitment to improving the overall replay process by refining the workflow and the tools available to their officials in the booth.”

The ACC was the first BCS conference to utilize the DVSport HD ReplayTM system for post-season play. Replay officials and conference office representatives witnessed the benefits of the new system during the ACC Championship games in Tampa, Fla. in 2008 and 2009.

"We believe DVSport's HD Replay system enhances the officials' review process for every play and provides a seamless system that accurately supports the on-field officials,” said Doug Rhoads, the ACC’s Coordinator of Football Officiating. “The clarity provided by the use of high-definition video will enhance our officiating program and ensure we remain out in front of any technology that makes our game day product better for everyone.”

DVSport’s HD ReplayTM system assists the replay officials in their pursuit of indisputable video evidence as quickly as possible to confirm or overturn the call on the field. This new system should increase the accuracy of calls made in the booth without interrupting the flow of the game. The HD picture quality, combined with the breadth of tools on the DVSport HD TM system, including one touch marking of plays and replays, touch screen recall of each angle, frame-by-frame review, zoom feature and consistent data entry, will help deliver an efficient and accurate review process.