2011-12 ACC Men's Basketball Prospectus

July 28, 2011

The 2011-12 ACC Basketball Prospectus is out and ready to be viewed.

Here are some general ACC outtakes. A team-by-team breakdown can be found by clicking the link on the top of this page.

  • Over the past 11 years (2001-2011), the ACC has won an NCAA-best five National Championships ... the Big East is second with three.
  • Among conferences with 15 or more NCAA Tournament games the past two years, the ACC has the highest NCAA
    Tournament winning percentage (.654).
  • With its 8-4 mark in this year's NCAA Tournament, the ACC extended its non-losing streak in NCAA Tournamentplay to 24 years in a row.
  • The ACC, with Duke, North Carolina and Florida State, was the only conference to have three teams make it to the"Sweet 16" in this past year's NCAA Tournament.
  • Since the NCAA started assigning seeds in 1979, the ACC has produced more No. 1 seeds (30) than any other conference, has the best winning percentage as a No. 1 seed (.833), and is the only conference to have a winning record (23-22) in games versus No. 1 seeds.