Maryland's Hayes Wins 3-Point Shootout and Battle of Champions

April 1, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS ( - It took the final shot to win, but Eric Hayes of Maryland buried a "money-ball" on his last shot of the contest to win the collegiate 3-point shooting competition Thursday at the Indiana Convention Center.

The contest was sponsored by Ford.

Hayes had the highest score in each of the three rounds, with each round scored separately. There were five racks of five balls each, with the first four shots in each rack counting for one point, and the final ball in the rack, the "money ball," counting two points.

Hayes was behind Randy Wittman of Cornell in the final round, but got hot at the right time to come from behind. Hayes made the money ball from the right corner to break a tie and score 17 points in the final, beating Wittman's 15.

Hayes opened the competition with 24 points in the first round, five points better than any of the other seven competitors. He hit his first 12 shots of the first round and 20 of 25 on his way to the semifinals.

He scored 19 points in the semifinals, going 5-for-5 from the right wing, to advance to the final round. Wittman advanced to the final on a tie-breaker despite matching the 17 points scored by Michael Roll of UCLA.

The other shooters for the men were Jermaine Beal of Vanderbilt, Jason Bohannon of Wisconsin, Ali Farokhmanesh of Northern Iowa, Roman Martinez of New Mexico and Jerome Randle of California.

Hayes also faced the winner of the women's competition, Brigid Mulroy, in the Mercedes Benz Battle of Champions, and won 22-21.

Maryland head coach Gary Williams and members of the Terrapin coaching staff were in attendance.