Inside ACCess: Postgraduate Scholars

Aug. 17, 2011



Caitlin Bailey
Boston College
XC/Track & Field

Stephanie Buffo
XC/Track & Field

Patricia Mamona
Track & Field

Greg Kelsey
XC/Track & Field

Mateo Sossah
North Carolina
Track & Field

Kelly Phillips
Virginia Tech
Track & Field

To me being honored as an ACC post-graduate scholar means...

"...that my hard work and dedication over the last five years has been recognized, and that I can feel proud of what I have accomplished. "

"I have worked hard at the undergraduate level as both a student and an athlete. I am so glad that the ACC is continuing to support my efforts to continue school to pursue my academic goals to become a physical therapist."

"Being honored as ACC postgraduate is such a privilege, it reflects on the work that me, my coach, my academic advisors, teamates and family have done to make me the best student athlete I could possibly be."

"Being honored as an ACC Postgraduate Scholar means a lot to me for a variety of reasons. One important reason is its reinforcement of my awareness of the support I have on and off the track from my coaches, advisors, school, and conference. "

"...that the efforts that I have made throughout my academic and athletic career have been recognized."

"...the ACC recognizes that I have achieved my goal of excelling at both athletics and academics."

My most memorable athletic moment was...

"Breaking the Boston College 800m outdoor record at the NCAA Preliminary Rounds at NC A&T in 2:03.45, the 3rd fastest time in the NCAA in 2010."

"Racing the steeplechase at Penn Relays in the UPENN Stadium in front of so many people."

"Winning NCAA triple jump last year, 2010."

"Competing at the NCAA Cross Country Championship as my final college cross-country meet."

"To break 8000 in the decathlon."

"Jumping 14'1.5", which was my first personal best in three years because of injuries."

My favorite food is...

"Pizza, especially homemade"

"My mom's freshly made spaghetti!"

"Custard cream cakes, a traditional desert from Portugal. I can eat those all day."

"Peanut butter and banana sandwhich"

"Everything! I love eating more than anything else"


The person(s) who had the biggest influence on my life is (are)...

"My parents. I'd be nowhere without them."

"My mom. She is very bold and organized and I get my qualities from her."

"My father."

"Both my mom and my grandfather have had a tremendous positive influence on my life, between always supporting me no matter the circumstance and continuously encouraging me to strive for my best towards my goals."

" A car for my 16th birthday. I was told that I would not get a car until I graduated but I was surprised with a red Mercedes. I have no idea what I did right!

"Polevault-opoly (my teammates made me a version of monopoly entirely based on pole vaulting and our team)."

My favorite movie is...

The Shawshank Redemption

Dirty Dancing

Kill Bill




Remember the Titans

If I didn't play my sport, I would...

" ice hockey instead."

" soccer instead."

" gymnastics."

"...more than likely swim if I was not a runner. Swimming has become a recent hobby of mine, but not originally by choice. Swimming started as a form of cross training due to an injury and was something I dreaded, but now is a sport that I really enjoy and plan on continuing."

" soccer instead."


"...bobsled instead, just because it looks awesome."

My favorite class is...

"Currently corporate finance, but in my college career cancer biology."

Anatomy Lab "I love dissecting!"


Exercise physiology

Business law


Pathogenic bacteriology

My nickname is...

Cait or Caity

Buffo-my last name. Not many people call me by my first name.



Frenchy [Sossah is from Mons-en-Baroeul, France]


"Kel Bel, but only a few people call me that."

My favorite song is...

"Blue Eyes," by The Cary Brothers


"Relaxation," by J. Cole

"Wonderwall," by Oasis



"Free Fallin, " by Tom Petty

After graduation I plan to...

"Attend law school at Georgetown University Law Center."

"Go to Medical University of South Carolina to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy"

"training and go to the 2012 Olympic Games."

"Next year I will be participating in Teach For America, teaching Middle School Science in Milwaukee. I not only plan on remaining a teacher after my two years in the Corp, but I also plan on coaching."

"Go to grad school and try to pursue excellence the way I have been pursuing it at UNC. I will also try to make it to the 2012 Olympic Games"

"Attend medical school."