93 Student-Athletes to Represent ACC at NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship

June 7, 2010

GREENSBORO, N.C.—The Atlantic Coast Conference will be represented by 93 student-athletes—48 men and 45 women—when the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship begins Wednesday, June 9 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. The University of Oregon will host the four-day event. Among the ACC’s 98 representatives, 18 individuals—five men and 13 women—will compete in more than one event.

Participants qualified for the field of 24 in their respective events by placing in the top-12 two weeks ago at one of two regional sites. For the first time, the NCAA held a “first round” of the NCAA track & field championships, with the top-48 declared competitors in each event competing at North Carolina A&T University (East) and the University of Texas (West) regionals.

Ten of 12 league teams are represented on both the men’s and women’s side, with nine schools represented by both genders. The Florida State men—the 2010 ACC champions—lead all men’s teams with nine qualifiers and is followed by Virginia and Virginia Tech with seven apiece. Clemson qualified six individuals, while North Carolina has five participants. Miami and Wake Forest, with four competitors each, Duke with three, Georgia Tech with two, and NC State with one round out the league’s male representation.

ACC champion Clemson and runner-up Florida State will each send a league-high eight participants to Eugene, while Miami and North Carolina will send seven apiece, and Virginia Tech will send six. Duke’s three qualifiers, NC State’s two, Virginia’s two, and one each from Georgia Tech and Maryland will also compete at the national meet.

Among the 42 schedule events—21 for the men and 21 for the women—the conference will be represented in 39, including all 21 on the men’s side. Also highlighting the meet will be U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Southeast Region Men’s Field Athlete of the Year Marcel Lomnicky, Women’s Track Athlete of the Year Queen Harrison, Men’s Assistant Coach of the Year Greg Jack, and Women’s Assistant Coach of the Year Charles Foster—all from Virginia Tech—Women’s Field Athletes of the Year Kiani Profit of Maryland (Mid-Atlantic) and April Sinkler of Clemson (Southeast), and Women’s Head Coach of the Year Lawrence Johnson of Clemson.

Coverage will be televised live by CBS College Sports on Friday at 8 p.m. and Saturday at 1 p.m., while other action will be video-stream at no cost on the NCAA.com.

ACC Men Qualifying for 2010 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship
Name Yr. Event Seed Time/Mark School
Spencer Adams Fr. 100mH 13.84 Clemson
Zach Berg Sr. Hammer 202-3.00 Clemson
Josh Fowler Jr. TJ 51-4.50 Clemson
Miller Moss Sr. Decathlon 7,628 Clemson
Charlton Rolle Jr. 100mH 13.82 Clemson
Xavier Tromp Sr. PV 17-4.50 Clemson
Austin Gamble Fr. Discus 180-10.50 Duke
Ryan McDermott Jr. 3,000mS 8:44.36 Duke
Cory Nanni Jr. 1,500m 3:43.52 Duke
David Ambler Fr. 4x1(1) 39.33 Florida State
Andrew Bachelor Jr. HJ 6-11.00 Florida State
Kevin Borlee So. 400m 45.28 Florida State
Brandon Byram Jr. 200m 20.40 Florida State
    4x1(2) 39.33  
Brian Chibudu Jr. 4x1(4) 39.33 Florida State
    LJ 25-5.50  
David Forrester Fr. 1,500m 3:51.70 Florida State
Maurice Mitchell So. 100m 10.04 Florida State
    200m 20.24  
    4x1(3) 39.33  
Michael Putman So. SP 60-1.25 Florida State
    Discus 176-2.00  
Marlon Woods Sr. LJ 25-0.00 Florida State
Alphonso Jordon Sr. TJ 54-4.00 Georgia Tech
Steve Marcelle Sr. SP 59-10.50 Georgia Tech
Travis Benjamin So. 4x1(3) 39.57 Miami
Brandon McGee Fr. 4x1(4) 39.57 Miami
Cory Nelms Sr. 110mH 13.65 Miami
    4x1(1) 39.57  
DeMarcus VanDyke Jr. 4x1(2) 39.57 Miami
Charles Cox Jr. 400m 45.62 North Carolina
Daniel Keller Sr. Decathlon 7,467 North Carolina
Donta Nall Jr. HJ 6-11.00 North Carolina
Parker Smith Jr. PV 17-2.75 North Carolina
Mateo Sossah Sr. Decathlon 7,667 North Carolina
Ryan Hill Fr. 5,000m 14:11.78 NC State
Robby Andrews Fr. 800m 1:46.87 Virginia
Ryan Collins Jr. 10,000m 29:45.55 Virginia
Steve Delice Sr. 400mH 50.02 Virginia
Andy Fahringer So. Javelin 220-6.00 Virginia
Stephen Finley Jr. 3,000mS 8:40.56 Virginia
Marcus Robinson Jr. TJ 51-5.50 Virginia
Lance Roller So. 800m 1:47.43 Virginia
Jared Jodon Jr. PV 17-2.75 Virginia Tech
Marcel Lomnicky So. Hammer 221-7.50 Virginia Tech
Igor Misljenovic Sr. SP 60-4.00 Virginia Tech
William Mulherin So. 5,000m 14:03.33 Virginia Tech
Matej Muza Sr. Hammer 205-3.00 Virginia Tech
Yavgeniy Olhovsky Sr. PV 17-2.75 Virginia Tech
Alexander Ziegler Fr. Hammer 234-1.00 Virginia Tech
Tyler Dodds Sr. 4x4(1) 3:06.81 Wake Forest
Brent LaRue Sr. 400mH 50.29 Wake Forest
    4x4(2) 3:06.81 Wake Forest
Allen Lunkenheimer Jr. 4x4(3) 3:06.81 Wake Forest
Jonathan Reid Sr. 4x4(4) 3:06.81 Wake Forest
ACC Women Qualifying for 2010 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship
Name Yr. Event Seed Time/Mark School
Jasmine Edgerson Fr. 4x1(4) 43.70 Clemson
Michaylin Golladay Sr. 100mH 13.07 Clemson
    4x1(1) 43.70  
Stormy Kendrick Fr. 100m 11.36 Clemson
    200m 23.46  
    4x1(2) 43.70  
Patricia Mamona Sr. TJ 45-6.50 Clemson
Kim Ruck So. 10,000m 34:55.79 Clemson
Kristine Scott Sr. 100m 11.46 Clemson
    200m 23.27  
    4x1(3) 43.70  
April Sinkler Jr. LJ 20-6.25 Clemson
    TJ 43-6.00  
Liane Weber Sr. Heptahlon 5,928 Clemson
Juliet Bottorff Fr. 5,000m 16:29.87 Duke
Carly Seymour So. 10,000m 34:58.37 Duke
Kate Van Buskirk Jr. 1,500m 4:19.23 Duke
Pasca Cheruiyot Jr. 10,000m 34:42.83 Florida State
Amy Harris So. 4x1(3) 44.04 Florida State
Candyce McGrone So. 200m 22.84 Florida State
    4x1(1) 44.04  
Pilar McShine Sr. 1,500m 4:18.19 Florida State
Marecia Pemberton Fr. 100m 11.29 Florida State
    4x1(2) 44.04  
Teona Rodgers Jr. 200m 23.08 Florida State
    4x1(4) 44.04  
Brittany St. Louis Jr. 400m 53.37 Florida State
Kim Williams Jr. TJ 46-0.50 Florida State
Bianca Stewart So. HJ 5-10.00 Georgia Tech
Kiani Profit Jr. Heptahlon 5,686 Maryland
Ti'erra Brown Jr. 100mH 12.76 Miami
    400mH 54.74  
    4x4(2) 3:34.33  
Deandra Doyley Sr. TJ 43-1.50 Miami
Brittni Finch So. LJ 21-1.25 Miami
Charlene Fuller So. 4x4(4) 3:34.33 Miami
Takecia Jameson Jr. 400mH 57.64 Miami
    4x4(3) 3:34.33  
Tameka Jameson Jr. 400mH 55.73 Miami
    4x4(1) 3:34.33  
Kristy Whyte Sr. 100m 11.43 Miami
Brianna Felnagle Sr. 5,000m 16:16.06 North Carolina
Vanneisha Ivy Sr. 100mH 13.08 North Carolina
LaToya James Jr. 400mH 56.73 North Carolina
    4x4(4) 3:37.71  
Christine Johnson Jr. 4x4(3) 3:37.71 North Carolina
Elizabeth Mott Sr. 4x4(1) 3:37.71 North Carolina
Tasha Stanley So. 4x4(2) 3:37.71 North Carolina
Ashley Verplank So. 1,500m 4:18.79 North Carolina
Lawanda Henry So. SP 51-9.00 NC State
Kayla Lawson Sr. HJ 5-11.25 NC State
Meghan Briggs Sr. Javelin 152-11.00 Virginia
Tara Karin So. Javelin 152-0.00 Virginia
Funmi Alabi Fr. 4x1(2) 44.86 Virginia Tech
Aunye Boone So. 4x1(3) 44.86 Virginia Tech
Kristi Castlin Sr. 100mH 12.83 Virginia Tech
    4x1(1) 44.86  
Dorotea Habazin Jr. Hammer 211-11.50 Virginia Tech
Queen Harrison Sr. 100mH 12.69 Virginia Tech
    400mH 55.07  
Ogechi Nwaneri So. 4x1(4) 44.86 Virginia Tech