Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Track & Field

April 16, 2010

ACC Track & Field
If you had to pick a favorite athlete, in any sport, who would you pick and why? The best present I ever got was . . . My favorite movie is . . . Everyone should know that my sport is . . . The person who has had the biggest influence on my life is . . .

One day, I want to . . .

Charles Clark
Florida State

My little brother Darius Covington basketball star that is attending VMI in the fall of 2010.

Remote control car. Lion King and the Sixth Man.

The only sport you can’t play.


Build a youth and development center for elite and professional athletes as well as be a positive role model by mentoring to kids and teaching them the knowledge and importance of ACT and SAT.

Steve Marcelle
Georgia Tech

Brett Favre because he plays with alot of heart and toughness which I always admired. A bb gun when i was 8 years old for christmas. It got me into some trouble with my mom though. At the moment is Shooter because Mark Wahlberg is a beast in that movie, but my favorite movie all time would have to be Braveheart Very individual. The better you do for yourself the better you do for your team. My parents because they taught me how to be humble. To break the hook and line world record for Muskellunge or Chinook salmon or any fish species for that matter.
Kiani Profit

At this point, I'm not really sure My mom surprising me for my 18th birthday when she flew from California to come to Maryland. Too many to pick just one. Heptathlon, Pentathlon and 400h. My mother. Become a Physical Therapist.
Ashley Dukes

Lashunda Demus would be the athlete that I choose as a favorite because she is a dedicated mother who inspires me. She has shown her dedication, commitment and strength by pursuing the career she set out for. My graduation gift (Tiffany’s necklace & earrings) from my mother and my promise ring from my boyfriend. .  Love & Basketball.  Not as easy as it seems. Track and field is challenging mentally and physically. My mother. To put God first, be a good role model as a mother and teacher as well as to be successful in everything that I do—athletically and personally..
Benjamin Major III
NC State

Lebron James because he was not scared of challenging himself to become one of the best athletes as a rookie. Xbox 360. Color Purple. Track & Field. My high school principal Mr. Clinton Robinson. Guide young people to a stable future by teaching and/or coaching.
Meghan Briggs

I don't really have just one favorite athlete. My parents really played a huge role in shaping my life.  Responsibility and working hard for what you want to achieve in life were some of the greatest skills my parents have taught me and by doing so has helped shape me to be the person I am today. Anchorman. Just like the movie 300. “Ridiculousness” Probably my mother.  She is a lot like me in so many ways and I look up to her because she is an amazing person in so many ways. I still to this day do not know how she manages to get so much accomplished in one day. It seems like she never runs out of energy or love. to visit Ireland & Hawaii.
Marcel Lomnicky
Virginia Tech

My favorite athlete would be Koji Murofushi because he throws the hammer as well. His technique is great, and I want to throw like him once. My first PC. Memento Hard but also fun to do. My mom and myself. Visit a rainforest.
Nicole Castronuova
Wake Forest

Michael Phelps is such an inspiration to me not only for winning 14 Gold Medals in two Olympics at just 23 years old but because of all the hard work and determination he puts into training. My favorite quote from him is "You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get." A 24kt diamond N for Nicole. It was given to me by my grandparents when I was born and could not wear it until I was eighteen. It will remain sentimental to me forever. Remember the Titans. Not as easy as it may seem. People sometimes say, “It is only running,” but you have to realize all the hard work and training that goes into it. My mom. She has been through so much. I just hope I can aspire to be the strong and loving women she is. Become successful in my career and to start a family of my own.