Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Track & Field

April 9, 2010

ACC Track & Field
If you had to pick a favorite athlete, in any sport, who would you pick and why? If offered a guest star role on a TV show, I would pick. . . My pre-competition superstition or ritual is to . . . Being a student-athlete has taught me . . . If I didn't compete in my sport, I would play _________ instead because . . .

My life's goal is to . . .

April Sinkler

If I had to pick a favorite athlete it would be Liane Weber because she is such an inspiration to me. I look up to her and she has been a huge motivation to me. The characteristics that she encompasses make our team strong and her leadership role is unprecedented. Heroes. I would love to have super powers. Relax and listen to music. Discipline, time management, and how to deal with people. Soccer instead because I was also recruited to schools in this sport. Go to the Olympics.
Curtis Beach

Rafer Johnson because he overcame a lot in his life to be an Olympic champion and world record holder in the Decathlon. He was also the captain of the 1960 Olympic team. I don't really know, may be some cartoon so I can see what an animated version of me looks like. I don't have any superstitions anymore, but I used to wear a certain pair of funky looking socks for each event. So I'd have long jump socks, sprint socks, distance socks, etc. It has taught me how to maintain self-control in tense moments, how to take various kinds of criticism, how to make something happen even when there's every reason for it not to happen. Also, it forced me to manage my time well since there's always lots of practice time and lots of school work. If I did't do track, I'd probably just go with cross-country. Be the best at what ever level I'm at.
Kimberly Williams
Florida State

Tatyana Lebedeva. She was the first person I saw triple jumping on TV when I was 12. She is hardworking, determined and even though she is getting old she continues to strive for excellence.

Dancing with the Stars...LOL I'm a chill-type of person who enjoys peace and quiet. I like to visualize my jumps but they don't always come out the way I want.

To be hardworking, determined, patient, motivated, humble, persistent and a team-player. I am more thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

I would play Tennis instead because I always thought I could be one of the Williams sisters.

To be very successful in everything I do and to represent myself, my family, my school and my country at the highest level possible. Also, I want to give back to my community in the form of service to those who are in need.

Joanna Wright
Georgia Tech

Sergey Bubka because he was a dedicated athlete who dominated the pole vault for years. 24, I would want to do the stunts I used to have a lot of pre-competition rituals, but I would get too distracted trying to remember if I had done everything. so now I try to avoid having any ritual. To be patient and not worry if every meet doesn't go perfectly Soccer- it was the first sport I played as a kid Help people in 3rd world countries
Alex Lundy

I would pick Ken Griffey Jr. because I grew up playing baseball all through my childhood and he was the player I idolized and try to imitate. Entourage, in a heartbeat. Listen to relaxing music and just drown everything else out. Time management and how to shift your focus from one task to another. I would snowboard because of the adrenaline rush and the escape from the monotony of everyday life that it provides. I have many aspirations, but at the top of the list would be becoming an orthopedic surgeon.
Daniel Keller
North Carolina

Jim Thorpe, the tradition of calling the winner of the Decathlon, "the world's greatest athlete" began with him and he was an amazing all-around athlete. The Big Bang Theory, I'm a geek at heart Change socks before each event. Discipline and time management. Soccer, it is my favorite sport to play. Stay in shape even when I am old.
Emily Pritt
NC State

Troy Polumalu, Strong Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, because he is fearless on the field and he hustles to be an impact player in every play. Friends Eat salmon the night before my race. Time management. There are only so many hours in a day and being organized and managing my time is key to staying on top of my academic, athletics, and social life. Soccer because I played until high school and it still involves lots of endurance. Become a Sports Broadcaster for ESPN.
Ryan Collins

Marcus Robinson, Great jumper, very inspiring Family Guy, I would love to meet Peter Griffin. I don't like superstitions or rituals so I always wake up at 6:30 before a race and do 225 push-ups To be very competitive and to hate losing to anyone at anything I would snowboard instead because its about as fun as it gets Graduate college, after that who knows.
Kristi Castlin
Virginia Tech

I would have to say Serena Williams. She is an extremely hard-working athlete that has experienced a lot of ups and downs. I admire Serena because she is a resilient, successful, and stylish and shows she's passionate on the tennis court." Dancing with the Stars! I love to dance! Pray! With God, anything is possible! Discipline and determination. If I can juggle school, practice and a social life, what happens when I can actually focus on doing one thing. Be a Cheerleader! I love cheering. It allows me to have fun and be athletic. Have a positive influence on someone. At the end of the day I'd want people to think of me as a good person and friend rather than a fast hurdler (although that's good too!)
Jon Reid
Wake Forest

I think I look up to Michael Johnson the most obviously because he has the world records in the races that I run. I have favourite athletes in every sport but my favourite in Track right now is Usain Bolt because he is so fast yet he also has this fun attitude towards track that I think every athlete should have about the sport that they do. I would definitely want to be on the Office. I think that show is hilarious. I really try to not have any superstition before competition because I don't want to be thinking "oh I forgot to do my whatever so now I'm not going to run fast." The only thing I do the same before each race is my warm up but even that changes sometimes with how I'm feeling. How to manage my time and how to balance school work with track stuff and even time to relax. Baseball and a lot of basketball I have been playing baseball since I was really young and I really like just playing a pick-up game of basketball with my friends in the summer. Be the best person I can be in track, in school, and in life I guess.