Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Indoor Track & Field

Feb. 26, 2010


Track & Field

The best part of being an ACC athlete is... Before every meet I always... Winning an ACC Championship would be... The most memorable moment from this year was ______ and why? Something most people don't know about me is...


Thomas Sensing
Wake Forest

Competing against some of the best athletes in the country every week, and getting nationwide recognition as a scholar and an athlete. Get plenty of sleep, eat plenty of breakfast, and try to remember to have fun. Justification of years of hard work, sacrifice, and unstoppable determination. This past Halloween. We had placed a big pumpkin about 185 feet out into the throws field and my fellow throwers and I were having javelin target practice with it. I've actually been involved with swimming more than track. I was an all-state freestyle sprinter in high school in Tennessee. Even up until this past summer I was the head swim coach of my old neighborhood team.


Ti'erra Brown

The competition that we get from running with the other ACC athletes. The ACC has some of the most talented athletes in the NCAA, especially in my event, the hurdles. Its great to be a part of a conference where you can get that national competition on a weekly basis. Running with eachother prepares us for the NCAA Championships. Take time for myself. I try to clear my head and focus on the task ahead of me. I use to be a very superstitious athlete but I realized that doing those things doesnt determine my success. What determines my success is me being mentally prepared for the race, so I pray and tell myself that I'm grateful for my talents and being able to showcase them. And of course there are some top secret stuff that I may do but I cant share them, my competition might be reading this. Winning an individual championship would be a huge accomplishment, since I have yet to win one and I think by winning a championship I will have more confidence going into the outdoor season. Winning an ACC team Championship would be great for the coaches, athletes and the University itself. Its great when the whole team pulls together to be victorious and It would show our talent in numbers and I hope that we get to experience that. I cant just point out one memorable moment, besides running some great times in the hurdles, the things that are memorable is just the interactions with my teammates and the coaches. The team chemistry has be wonderful this year, we have had a lot of fun and unusal bonding experiences and I have been enjoying it. I cant wait for more memories to comes on and off the track. Most people probably think that when I step on the track I'm pulled together in the sense that I'm not nervous because of my deamenor and how I carry myself, but in reality I'm freaking out inside until the gun goes off.


Ngonidzashe Makusha
Florida State

Knowing that I will be competing with other top quality athletes who also represent the ACC. . Pray and visualize myself jumping. I tell myself that I want to jump big and that each meet is a chance for me to improve my personal best. A very big achievement for me. I would feel successful as an athlete and motivated to do even better at the next level, like nationals. When I ran 200's one day in practice after a long injury and my quad actually started feeling better. That I get very nervous before every competition and even at practice, because I know that every chance I get to jump again is special to me.


Yavgeniy (Jenia) Olhovsky
Virginia Tech

To be able to see the "real" America, which isn't only New York and California. I'm not a superstitious person and therefore don't do anything repetitive before meets. I just try to get eight hours of sleep at night and always eat a light breakfast. A big contribution to my school. Haven't had any memorable moments this year yet, but I'm planning to have one from Nationals in March. I speak fluent Russian and Hebrew.