Inside ACCess: Swimming & Diving

Nov. 18, 2011

Student-athletes Opponent you would like to see on your schedule and why: Favorite movie: Favorite flavor of ice cream: Favorite class/subject: Favorite healhty snack: TV show you are embarassed to admit that you watch:
Andrea King
Boston College
Swim & Dive

Clemson & Maryland - their programs are being phased out

Lion King

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Intro to theater


Kate Plus 8

Jimmy Boretti
Boston College
Swim & Dive

Connecticut College - my friend from high school swims there

The Other Guys

Cookie dough


Celery and peanut butter


Stephanie Niessl
Swim & Dive

Miami - they have a gorgeous pool and I love swimming outdoors

The Royal Tenenbaums


A literature course called "The Birth of Cool"

Veggies & salsa

My roomates and I love watching trashy TV shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Real World

Jim Flannery
North Carolina
Swim & Dive

Boston College because it is the closest ACC opponent to New York

Remember the Titans

Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup



Barefoot Contessa

Laura Moriarty
North Carolina

University of Florida - they are a great team and it would be a lot of fun to travel to Florida.


Chocolate fudge brownie

Anatomy or something about the body

Fruit salad

The Oprah Winfrey Network

Briggy Imbriglia
Swim & Dive

California - we are the top two public education teams in the nation, so it'd be nice to start a friendly rival

Thank You For Smoking


International Trade and Theory

Big ol' red delicious apples

Millionaire Matchmaker...Patti always brings the sass