Inside ACCess: Postgraduate Scholars



John Maloy
Boston College
Swim & Dive

Elizabeth Savage
Swim & Dive

Travis Wagner
Georgia Tech
Swim & Dive

Hannah Krimm
Georgia Tech
Swim & Dive

Deidre Novotny
Swim & Dive

Brittany Viola
Swim & Dive

To me being honored as an ACC post-graduate scholar means...

"The ACC Postgraduate Scholarship is an incredible honor to me because it embodies everything that our team at Boston College strives towards."

"...that I am supported by the ACC in using the skills I have learned as a student-athlete as I move on to the future. Coach Groden drills it into our minds that we are students first and athletes second, and everyone on our team attempts to follow his leadership."

"I have achieved one goal of excelling in both worlds of a Student-Athlete, thus becoming a what I like to refer to as a "stathlete."'

"That the ACC values my future outside of athletics and supports me in pursuing excellence in the next phase of my life."

"That I have risen above my fellow student athletes peers who are already high caliber students. I am truly honored to have received this award."

"...exceeding anything I could have every dreamed of applying for or receiving in my academic collegiate career."

The best place I ever visited...

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Barcelona, Spain

The Bahamas

"The beach in North Carolina every summer with my family."

Cape Town, South Africa

Barcelona, Spain

My favorite food is...

"Anything that my mom cooks!"

"Seafood and tapas from Spain."

"Tuna steak with rice and beans and a spinach salad."

"Spaghetti and meatballs."

"Chocolate peanut butter frozn yogurt with cookie on top."

"Frozen yogurt from WhipNDip in Miami."

The best present I ever got...

"My dog Calli. She was a chocolate lab, and my parents brought her home just after Christmas when I was 9 years old."

"Spring break in Madrid."

"A "good luck" card with as many grammatical errors and incorrect homonyms as possible. It still makes me laugh when I look at it."


"Black diamond earrings."

" A car for my 16th birthday. I was told that I would not get a car until I graduated but I was surprised with a red Mercedes. I have no idea what I did right!

My favorite movie is...


The Sister Act

Pan's Labyrinth


The Notebook


Despicable Me

My favorite song is...

"Chicks Dig It" by Chris Cagle

"The River" by Meredith Andrews

"The Summer" by Garth Brooks

"Free Fallin,' by Tom Petty

"The Scientist" by Coldplay


"Arise" by Shane & Shane

My nickname is...





Deeds, Deedles, Big D.



Being a student-athlete has taught me...

"...that balance is essential in life. If I get too obsessive about any one thing, then I sometimes lose site of the little things in life. And it has been my experience that many great things come when you least expect it."

"How to prioritize and manage my time, and how to positively deal with adversity."

"Effective time management and how to push myself to my true

"That I can get through pretty much anything."

"Relentless hard work and determination, to never give up even when I'm at my lowest."


"How to manage many facets of life (athletics, academics, relational, spiritual, personal, etc.)."

After graduation I plan to...

"Attend law school at Georgetown University Law Center."

"Earn my M.S. in Bioengineering from Virginia Tech."

"Obtain a MS in Cellular and Molecular Biology with Medical School being
the ultimate goal."

"Earn my MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Vanderbilt."

"Live the dream."

"Continue training for the 2012 Olympics, pursue a position with the United Stated Olympic Committee, and acquire a Master's of Business."

My life goal is to...

"Enjoy whatever it is that I end up doing."

"Glorify God and serve those around me."

" a role model for fellow athletes and community members, moving towards
Tech's and my goal of community leadership."

"...influence someone else to rise to their full potential"

"...give love to people, and affect them in a positive way."

"Win an Olympic Gold medal. Beyond this, in whatever I do, I want to love God and others with all I am."

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