Inside ACCess: A Look Inside ACC Swimming & Diving

Feb. 19, 2010



Swimming & Diving

Winning an ACC Championship would be… If I could go out to dinner with one person, it would be.______and why. The best part of being an ACC athlete is... The most memorable moment from this year was ______ and why? When's the seasons over I plan to...


Alexandra Allen

An amazing experience that I would always remember. Ok well this person isn’t alive but if it was one person from anytime it would be Florence Nightingale. I would want to go out to dinner with her because she accomplished so much during her life, and she paved the way for the nursing profession, which is what I hope to be doing after I graduate! I think she would just have some amazing stories to tell that would influence my career in a positive way. Getting to compete against such high caliber athletes, and being a part of a great conference. This year we swam against South Carolina at Clemson and won. Winning at home my senior year was a great feeling. The team really came together for the meet. It was just great to be a part of it. Concentrate on my school work and find some other activities to get involved in since I will be done swimming.


Alison Clemens
North Carolina

The perfect ending to my senior year. My team has worked so hard and we are certainly the underdogs, but we have done it before and it can be done again. I can't think of a better way for me to end my final season in our home pool. Lady Gaga because I love her music and admire her creativity. The unbelievable amount of support from ACC fans, athletes, and the conference as a whole. It has been an amazing experience to be a part of such a competitive and exciting conference. Our Senior night against NC State. I never thought the day would come when my name would be announced as a senior and I would watch clips from our four years displayed on the video board. All eight of us have become so close and to realize all that we have accomplished in four years is amazing. It was a special moment because after four years your team becomes your family. I plan to relax and enjoy being a senior! I also plan to go backpacking in Europe with my best friends.


Will Woodworth
Georgia Tech

A great achievement for Georgia Tech swimming and a testament to the dedication of the coaches, swimmers, and divers. . Warren Buffett because he managed to establish a few simple tenants in his view of business and life, and as a result is one of the must successful businessmen in history. Knowing that the hard work you put forth both in athletics and the classroom will lead to a degree that can impress almost anyone. Performing skits for our coaches over winter break. Not only did we get to see a side of our teammates that we'd never seen, but we also got to parody the coaches and let them know how we really felt about them. Bask in the glory of retirement until my gut gets too big, then start working on getting rid of it.


Ashley Twichell

While winning a team championship is not necessarily our goal this year, I have no doubt in my mind that Duke will be fighting for the top position within the next few years. However, even this year, we have set lofty goals for ourselves as a team. Duke swimming and diving has come a long way in the last several years (especially considering the fact that we are competing against many fully-funded teams), and we will continue to fight our way to the top. . Lance Armstrong. While I admire anyone who can put him or herself through the pain that must be endured during an event such as the Tour de France, Armstrong’s fight against cancer makes him that much more remarkable. The attitude Armstrong upholds, even in the face of misfortune and adversity, is something I strive towards every day. As Charles Swindoll states, “life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how we react to it”. Having the opportunity to not only compete with some of the best athletes in the country, but also receive a top-tier education. There have definitely been a lot of memorable moments from this year, including surviving a freezing cold training trip in Islamorado, as well as beating Clemson for the first time. However, I believe that the most memorable moments are still to come this week, at the ACC Championships. I am beyond excited to see what our girls team can do – we’ve put in all the work and effort, and now its time to watch it pay off. Take a little time off of swimming – a week or two – and then get back into training and preparing for summer meets.