Swimming & Diving ACCtion: Wednesday, January 20

Jan. 20, 2010

NC State Sweeps ECU
The NC State swimming and diving team swept East Carolina on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at Casey Natatorium on campus. The men (4-1, 2-1 ACC) picked up a 151-80 victory, while the women (6-1, 2-1 ACC) grabbed a 145-91 decision.

The Pack took both 200-medley relays, with Morgan Robertson, Anna Linkenauger, Patrice Dason and Ashley Richter (1:44.13) placing first for the women, and Ben Mechak, Dan Forsythe, Mike Seiferth and Conor Brennan (1:34.06) winning for the men. Taryn Shelley (10:21.64), Maggie McEnerney (10:27.69) and Jessica McBroom (10:30.71) grabbed the top-three poles in the women’s 1000 freestyle, and Brandon Kingston won the men’s with a 9:24.75. Marifrances Henley (1:52.10) and Brianna Grover (1:52.77) took first and second in the women’s 200 freestyle, while Mason McGee (1:39.71), Kevin Woodhull-Smith (1:43.93) and Andrew Keenan (1:45.15) wound up first through third.

Richter's 23.70 won the 50 freestyle, as did Brennan’s 21.07, while Linkenauger (2:06.10) and Kopenitz (2:07.16) had the top-two swims in the 200 IM. Greg Baskwell won the men’s 200 IM with a 1:54.87, while Daniel Basler (1:56.66) and Gaites Brown (1:57.22) took second and third. Hannah Hopkins (236.42) and Kirstyn Shepler (233.78) placed second and third in the 1-meter dive, while Hudson Rains (310.65) and Chris Arcara (241.88) went first and third in the men’s portion.