Jeff Fischel at the ACC Tourney: My Son Meets His Favorite Player, Marcus Georges-Hunt

After last night, I’m pretty confident that I’m now the second-biggest Marcus Georges-Hunt fan.
My 9-year-old son Quinn is certainly the biggest. 

This year, my family is in DC with me for the ACC Tourney.  And because Q is a big Georgia Tech and Georges-Hunt fan, my wife and kids came to watch the Yellow Jackets against Clemson. Here is The Mighty Q when Tech came back and forced OT.

Then the Yellow Jackets won it, and Quinn was incredibly excited that I interviewed Marcus.

When the interview was over, I told MGH, “I’m happy for you. And so you know, my son is here. And he’s a huge fan of yours, so he’s really happy right now.”

Marcus actually said, “Oh where is he?” He started looking around the arena.

Think about it. After one of the best wins of his career, he starts looking around the arena, asking me to point out my son. And MGH then says, “I want to meet him.” I just said, “My son would really enjoy that one day.” And I patted him on the back, as if to signal… “You can go back to the locker room to celebrate. You really don’t need to look for my son.” He walked off. Here’s my wife’s Instagram photo of Georges-Hunt leaving the court. Yes, “Q’s hero right now.” (She loves hashtags.)

That should've been the end of a non-story. But as it turns out, Georgia Tech is staying at the same hotel as the ACC Digital Network.

While I was working courtside for the Virginia Tech and Florida State game, my wife was getting the kids to bed. She went downstairs to the hotel lobby to grab dinner and bring it back to the room. And on her way back up, who does she run into on the elevator?  Yep. MGH. He had dinner in a bag, too.

So she introduced herself, and told him, “My son is going to be so jealous I’m seeing you.”

She mentioned who I am, and before you know it, Marcus is asking to meet Quinn. So here is Q with his favorite player.. probably for the rest of his life.

Quinn was so excited, he didn't fall asleep until well after midnight. 

And yes, he’ll be there tonight cheering for Georgia Tech against Virginia. 

Thanks, Marcus. You could not have made a 9-year-old any happier. 

#GoJackets #TogetherWeSwarm

Q’s Dad/ACCDN Host/Your Second-Biggest Fan