Jeff Fischel's ACC Power Poll: Week of Sept. 22, 2014

ACC Football Power Poll

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SCHOOL (Record)
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Florida State (3-0)
Last: W 23-17 vs Clemson | Next: 9/27 @ NC State Jeff's Take: A crazy week off the field, which helps explain Jimbo’s emotional postgame speech after beating Clemson. Anyone else notice Sean Maguire threw for 300 yards?

2. --- | Last: #2

Clemson (1-2)
Last: L 23-17 Florida State | Next: 9/27 vs. North Carolina Jeff's Take: I’ll give Dabo tons of credit for how he handled what had to be the most painful loss of his coaching career. It was all there for the Tigers ... again and again. The Deshaun Watson Era starts now.

3. 2 | Last: #5

Duke (4-0)
Last: W 47-13 vs. Tulane | Next: 9/27 @ Miami Jeff's Take: The Blue Devils are 4-0 and have outscored opponents 174-46. (It doesn’t hurt when you get help like this.) Those opponents are 4-10. The game vs Miami will tell us a lot about both teams.

4. 1 | Last: #3

Virginia (2-2)
Last: L 41-33 vs. BYU | Next: 9/27 vs. Kent State Jeff's Take: I nearly left them at 3 despite a loss. The Cavs outgained a Top 25 BYU team in Provo by nearly 200 yards. ICYMI Great piece on Mike London & his daughter. Dusty in here.

5. 1 | Last: #4

Pitt (3-1)
Last: L 24-20 vs. Iowa | Next: 9/27 vs. Akron Jeff's Take: Voytik got the ball to Boyd. Conner ran over a tough Iowa D. But the Panthers still lost. Chryst is probably scratching his head a bit. This Ferentz tattoo, though…

6. 1 | Last: #7

Boston College (3-1)
Last: W 40-10 vs. Maine | Next: 9/27 vs. Colorado State Jeff's Take: Maximize your talent. Addazio is doing it with an offensive game plan that relies on sophisticated, tough O-Line play and Murphy’s incredible play fakes.

7. 1 | Last: #8

Louisville (3-1)
Last: W 34-3 vs. FIU | Next: 9/27 vs. Wake Forest Jeff's Take: James Quick did his best vs FIU to make Cards fans forget Devante Parker is still out. But there’s no ignoring the O-line struggles. That said, I expect this team to be 5-1 when it meets Clemson.

8. 5 | Last: #13

Georgia Tech (4-0)
Last: W 27-24 vs. VT | Next: 9/27 BYE Jeff's Take: The big mover of the week in the power poll. Justin Thomas has to be in the discussion for ACC Player of the Year right now with Winston, Conner & Murphy.

9. 1 | Last: #10

NC State (4-0)
Last: W 42-0 vs. Presbyterian | Next: 9/27 vs. Florida State Jeff's Take: And maybe Brissett will join the POY debate, too, if the Pack can upset Florida State again. #WPN has done it 7 times in 16 years: 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2012.

10. 4 | Last: #6

Virginia Tech (2-2)
Last: L 27-24 vs. GT | Next: 9/27 vs. Western Michigan Jeff's Take: Michael Brewer made the play of the game, but otherwise, he left a lot of questions about his ability to be a game manager. That’s all this team needs to be a Coastal contender, but if he can’t do it...

11. 2 | Last: #9

Miami (2-2)
Last: L 41-31 vs. Nebraska | Next: 9/27 vs. Duke Jeff's Take: Losing in Lincoln to a Top 25 Nebraska team isn’t a bad thing. But allowing Abdullah more than 200 yards rushing makes me wonder how much that defense has really improved.

12. 1 | Last: #11

North Carolina (2-1)
Last: L 70-41 vs. ECU | Next: 9/27 @ Clemson Jeff's Take: Canes fans, your defense could be worse. See UNC. Ooof. One fan suggests Young Gunz’ “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” for the theme song of Saturday’s disaster.

13. 1 | Last: #12

Syracuse (2-1)
Last: L 34-20 vs. Maryland | Next: 9/27 vs. Notre Dame Jeff's Take: Terrel Hunt and the offense had its chances. In fact, I’m not sure how they lost. 589 yards of offense and only 20 points?

14. --- | Last: #14

Wake Forest (2-2)
Last: W 24-21 vs. Army | Next: 9/27 @ Louisville Jeff's Take: Congrats to Clawson & Co. for pulling out a tough win, and overcoming the best flop of the year so far. We’ll see this Saturday how much the OOC slate has helped this team grow.

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