ACC Announces Fall Sportsmanship Week November 1-7

Nov. 1, 2010


ACC Fall Sportsmanship Week

GREENSBORO, NC – The Atlantic Coast Conference announced today an initiative to further emphasize the importance of sportsmanship by highlighting its schools’ commitment during the inaugural ACC Fall Sportsmanship Week.

Throughout the first-week of November, every league team will showcase its continued dedication to sportsmanship by participating in a pregame handshake prior to each contest. In addition to the teams’ efforts, the conference and member schools will highlight the program to its fans through releases, across social media platforms, videos elements and official web sites.

“Sportsmanship has long been a priority within the ACC and this initiative will be a great way to continue promoting and emphasizing its importance,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “Our schools are dedicated to showcasing excellence and the values of sportsmanship are essential not only from our coaches and student-athletes but our terrific fans, too.”

Over 40 events will be part of the 2010 ACC Fall Sportsmanship Week beginning with three men’s soccer contests on Tuesday, November 2. In addition to regular season football, cross country, men’s soccer and volleyball contests, the ACC Field Hockey and Women’s Soccer Championships will be featured during the week.

ACC Home Events During ACC Fall Sportsmanship Week

Tuesday, Nov 2
Men’s Soccer: Florida Atlantic @ NC State
Men’s Soccer: Campbell @ Virginia
Men’s Soccer: William & Mary @ Maryland

Wednesday, Nov 3             
Women’s Soccer: ACC Championship Quarterfinals

Thursday, Nov 4
Football: Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech
Volleyball: Wake Forest @ NC State
Field Hockey: ACC Championship Quarterfinals

Friday, Nov 5                      
Women’s Soccer: ACC Tournament Semifinals
Field Hockey: ACC Championship Semifinals
Men’s Soccer: Wake Forest @ Duke
Men’s Soccer: Boston College @ Virginia Tech
Men’s Soccer: Clemson @ North Carolina
Men’s Soccer: Coastal Carolina @ Maryland
Volleyball: Maryland @ Virginia
Volleyball: Boston College @ Virginia Tech
Volleyball: Duke @ NC State
Volleyball: Florida State @ Georgia Tech
Volleyball: Miami @ Clemson  
Volleyball: Wake Forest @ North Carolina  
Cross Country: Hokie Open  
Cross Country: Cavalier Invitational

Saturday, Nov 6
Football: Maryland @ Miami  
Football: NC State @ Clemson  
Football: Virginia @ Duke  
Football: Boston College @ Wake Forest  
Football: North Carolina @ Florida State  
Volleyball: Maryland @ Virginia Tech  
Volleyball: Florida State @ Clemson  
Volleyball: Duke @ North Carolina  
Volleyball: Miami @ Georgia Tech  
Volleyball: Boston College @ Virginia
Cross Country: Pack Invitational

Sunday, Nov 7
Field Hockey: ACC Championship Final
Women’s Soccer: ACC Championship Final
Men’s Soccer: Virginia @ NC State