Quoting #NDACC

Sept. 13, 2012


Terry Don Phillips, Director of Athletics
"This is a great addition to the ACC and credit must go to Commissioner John Swofford and the ACC Presidents, especially Jim Barker, who was significantly involved in this process. We appreciate the tradition and heritage of Notre Dame in all sports.  They have one of the best all-around athletic programs in the nation. We look forward to their teams coming to Clemson, in particular when they come to Death Valley... Thanks to Commissioner Swofford and our Conference Leadership for making it happen."

Brad Brownell, basketball coach
"This is certainly another great step for the conference.  Notre Dame is a premier academic and athletic institution that clearly fits the model we have in the ACC. In terms of basketball, it's another feather in the cap of the league. We've added another program that is really strong in basketball.  They have a national reputation and tradition.  It solidifies the fact that the ACC has become the premier league in college basketball.  Mike Brey is an outstanding coach who does things the right way.  He's stayed the course at Notre Dame and built a tremendous program.  His program has sustained consistent success, which is something we all strive to do. It will be interesting to see if the addition of Notre Dame opens up avenues in recruiting to the Midwest.  I believe we will be able to recruit even more in the Chicago area and in the state of Indiana, places where Notre Dame obviously has a strong name. Most importantly, Notre Dame's addition is going to bring more exposure of the ACC to those parts of the country due to the television package."


Richard H. Brodhead, President
"We are delighted to welcome Notre Dame to the ACC.  Notre Dame's excellence in academics, strong traditions in athletics, and international recognition make them a wonderful new conference colleague.  We look forward to the competition on the playing fields and courts, and further collaboration on the campus."

Kevin M. White, Vice President and Director of Athletics
"Notre Dame clearly provides the caliber of academic and athletic excellence that is consistent with the Atlantic Coast Conference. This is just another highly visible sign of the strength of the ACC, and both the vision and leadership exhibited by Commissioner Swofford. All of us at Duke welcome Notre Dame, and look forward to our association with them as an ACC member."


Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics
"This is truly a great day for the Atlantic Coast Conference and for Georgia Tech. We are delighted to be joined by such a prestigious and respected institution such as Notre Dame. From so many angles, this relationship will enhance the rich tradition of our league and provide new and exciting opportunities for Georgia Tech and the ACC. I know Tech fans and sports fans throughout the region look forward to outstanding competition against the Irish for many years to come."

Brian Gregory, men's basketball coach
"Notre Dame is a tremendous addition to the ACC, a school of long-standing tradition of athletics, and it matches us perfectly in terms of academic prestige in this conference. This also gets us into another major market - the Chicago market - and the ACC brand will continue to spread. This solidifies us as the best and deepest basketball conference in the country with the success that Mike Brey has been able to establish with Notre Dame basketball. They add another power program to our league. He is one of the best and most well-respected coaches in terms of how he runs his program. The leadership of the ACC has done it again. I think they hit a home run".


Kevin Anderson, Director of Athletics
"We are excited to welcome Notre Dame as the 15th member of our conference. Notre Dame has a rich history of excellence in academics and athletics, which align with the principles of the ACC. This is a tremendous step for our league and we look forward to competing against Notre Dame."

John Tillman, men’s lacrosse coach
"I heard some rumblings a few days ago, and we heard some last year that would have made sense, so we had known it was a possibility. Digesting it, it’s obviously another quality opponent to join our league. I think it speaks to the quality and to the depth of our league. All six teams are very talented and well coached. I think it will motivate us keep working hard, and challenge us to go into the conference every year and try to be successful…Instead of having just four or five teams, we’d have six and be a legitimate conference in terms of how we’re looked at the automatic qualifier. You certainly have to look at your schedule now, realize that these are five really difficult games, and we have to schedule strategically now. There are some things to take into consideration, but we’ll manage them. Somehow, some way we’ll figure out a way around it. I think as a coach and as a players, you can remind them, maybe when it’s not going well or you don’t have as much energy, just remember who we’re playing against. You have to keep working hard today, because I’m sure the competition is."


Shawn Eichorst, Director of Athletics
"The leadership of the ACC has done it again. I think they hit a home run. The University of Miami is thrilled with the addition of the University of Notre Dame to the Atlantic Coast Conference.  Notre Dame is internationally recognized for its academics and athletics and its core beliefs and mission are in line with ACC member institutions.  The news today further solidifies the ACC as one of the nation's premier conferences and Miami looks forward to welcoming the Irish to the league." 

Al Golden, football coach
"It is a great day for the ACC. I'm just really excited about what our leadership is doing - the presidents, ADs and at the conference office. We are fortifying our league and making it stronger. We'll see what the implications are for the bowl games and things of that nature. Certainly this is going to be a big improvement for us...We've been playing these types of teams. Obviously, we are playing Notre Dame this year. I think there will be a trend once everyone figures out how the new rankings are going to be with the strength of schedule. I think there is going to be a new paradigm that everyone has to make their schedules based on that. Nobody will want to be left out because their schedule is too weak out of conference. I know this, our league is getting better from top to bottom."


Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics
"It's an exciting and historic day for everyone associated with the ACC and college athletics. Notre Dame shares the University of North Carolina's and the ACC's values of integrity, academic achievement and athletic success. It will be a major plus for ACC football to play the Fighting Irish five times a year and their basketball programs and Olympic sports teams have much to offer to our league. The ACC presidents, Commissioner Swofford and the ACC staff should be applauded for their forward thinking in making Notre Dame and the ACC a reality. It is a move that strengthens each and every ACC institution and solidifies the league's place as one of the premier conferences in the country."

Roy Williams, men's basketball coach
"The ACC's decision to add Notre Dame has my full support. I wish to welcome the Fighting Irish and their fans to the ACC. It's a great school with one of the most historic traditions in all of college athletics. I look forward to competing against them on a regular basis. Certainly as conferences looked to expand their membership, common sense said to look at Notre Dame. Notre Dame and the ACC is a fit that makes a lot of sense."


Craig Littlepage, Director of Athletics
"As the landscape of intercollegiate athletics continues to evolve, I think this is a great move for both the Atlantic Coast Conference and the University of Notre Dame. There are many common characteristics between Notre Dame and the universities that make up our conference. This seems to be a good mutual fit. I believe our fans will enjoy watching a broader array of competition among our teams that Notre Dame will bring to the ACC with its successful athletics program."

Mike London, football coach
"I think it is a great thing for the ACC. The ACC has done a tremendous job since it first expanded to capture some very big media markets from Miami to Boston and now this adds the Midwest strongly into that mix and really the entire nation when you think about the following that Notre Dame has. Part of the appeal to adding NotreDame is that it is such a fine academic institution. They have the same similar values in terms of how they view the student-athlete and their college experience...You're talking to a guy who coached at Boston College, so I've had the chance and experience to go there and coach in that stadium. They have all of those historical artifacts - the Golden Dome and Knute Rockne and Touchdown Jesus. Some schools have an atmosphere that is special to play in. There's no doubt Notre Dame is one of those places. We also have a little history around here, so I'm sure their fans will enjoy coming to Charlottesville and visiting the University and experiencing what Virginia is all about. It will be a great rivalry. We might have to call it the Gene Corrigan Bowl."

Brian O'Connor, baseball coach
"It's very exciting. The University of Notre Dame adds a lot to the Atlantic Coast Conference. Obviously their academic reputation and what the university stands for is right along the same lines as what our conference stands for. I think it's a great relationship and something that will benefit all of the sports programs in the ACC. I'm personally very excited. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the University of Notre Dame. My nine years there were very special and were instrumental in my coaching career. It's a fantastic institution and one that people want to be associated with. I'm thrilled and looking forward to taking a UVa team back to South Bend."


Ron Wellman, Director of Athletics
"Notre Dame  is an excellent addition to the ACC.  They bring an excellent athletic program across the board and will add luster to our conference in many ways.  The ACC once again showed its strength, great tradition and attractiveness with Notre Dame's decision to become an ACC member.  John Swofford did an excellent job of managing this process for the last year and the ACC and Notre Dame are the recipients of his outstanding leadership.  The future of the ACC continues to get stronger with the addition of Notre Dame , Syracuse and Pitt."


Steve Pederson, Director of Athletics
“We are in as good of shape as any conference could be in…In this day and age and landscape, really to have long-term stability is important for all the power conferences. We’re pleased we’re in this together, and we’re moving forward together…I've always felt having Notre Dame in the bowl mix only enhances our ability to get bowls. In conversations over the years, every time we've brought Notre Dame into the bowl mix we've gotten better bowls. I think that's what you'll find in this case, too. The ACC will only grow, not only in the number of bowls but the quality of bowls. I think we're in about as good a shape as any conference can be in that way."


Dr. Daryl Gross, Director of Athletics
"This is a brilliant move for the ACC and for the future of Syracuse athletics. Notre Dame is obviously a significant nationally recognized institution that adds tremendous competitive and academic value to the conference. Notre Dame's commitment of playing a significant number of football games versus conference opponents annually is outstanding. All of our sports will benefit from the competition Notre Dame brings to the ACC. We are proud to be joined by Notre Dame in the ACC."

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor and President
"With the addition of the University of Notre Dame to the ACC, what already is one of the strongest conferences in the nation gets even stronger. Academically and athletically, this is a superb match.  We look forward to continue deepening SU's relationship with Notre Dame on the field in the range of men's and women's sports, and just as importantly, off the field through the ACC's expansive conference academic collaborations."