Inside ACCess: Postgraduate Scholars

Aug. 19, 2011



Carolyn Swords
Boston College

Christian Hunnicut
Florida State

Brittany Strachan
NC State

Zachary Brewster
Georgia Tech

Dorian Cohen

Michael Wade

Will Collins

To me being honored as an ACC post-graduate scholar means...

"It is truly a blessing. The ACC strives for excellence and I am honored to be recognized among so many talented student-athletes."

"That hard works pays off. This award serves as a stepping stone to the many more accomplishments and achievement of goals to come. "

"That all the hard work in college has paid off and that I have great people around me that support my future."

"I've been honored as one of the top Student- Athletes in one of the most competitive athletics conferences as well as a top conference for rigorous academics."

"A recognition of years of work, in fencing, in academics, and in managing my time commitments to both. Moreover, it represents a financial opportunity to pursue graduate studies that truly interest me."

"Being honored as a Postgraduate Scholar means that I maintained a high level of achievement on and off the field during my time at Clemson."

"It's special because it shows the ACC cares about its student athletes continuing their education which I think often times gets overlooked because of sports."

The best place I ever visited...

Big Sky, Montana

South Africa

Reno, Nevada

Washington, D.C.

Cantão, Brasil


"Tough toss up between Hawaii and Rome."

My favorite food is...



"Pasta or anything home-cooked besides meatloaf"

"Anything Italian"

"Pasta. I love to carbo-load."

"Stuffed tomatoes"

"Burgers from Boylan Heights"

The best present I ever got...

"...going to Disney for Christmas"


"aMy mother surprised me for my 10th birthday while we were at AAU Nationals and my teammate Tia Bell surprised me for my birthday last year. I love surprises. "

"Iron Man helmet for my 22nd birthday"

" A pair of glow-in-the-dark boxers from my girlfriend. "

"Super Nintendo"

"The opportunity to play a collegiate sport at a great university"

My favorite movie is...

Back to the Future

The Pursuit of Happiness

"Any funny movie or a movie with a nice storyline. I also like cartoon movies."


The Usual Suspects. "It should be mandatory for all people above the age of 18 to watch it."




The Hangover

My favorite song is...

"Half of My Heart" by John Mayer

"Never Would've Made It" by Marvin Sapp

"I really don't have an all-time favorite song. I like a song that I can dance to or a song with a meaningful message."

"Anything by Kings of Leon."

"Moanin" by Art Blakely


"Let it Be" The Beatles


"Dirt Road Anthem"

My favorite class is...

American Public Address or Human Setback: Way to Unexpected Grace

Intro to Audiology

"Any class where I get to write computer programs."

Managing and Developing Product and Service Innovation

My work on my thesis about elastic recoil of ligaments in the foot.  Or the anatomy and physiology class I took this past semester.


Risk and Insurance


Team Sports 1 and 2

Being a student-athlete has taught me...

"Time management"

"Perseverance, hard work, and self -discipline "

"How to be responsible for my actions and mental toughness."

"How to mange my time more effectively, learn to push myself to the limits, and how to accept roles within an organization. All of which will benefit me greatly in the professional world.."

"That if I am passionate enough about my interests, there is enough time in the day to do anything. With hours of practice a week, travelling for competitions each weekend, and the most difficult course load I could possibly imagine, I was still able to succeed in every area because I enjoyed what I was doing. If you love what you do, it is not difficult to put in the necessary time."


"Life is not always easy or fair, but continuing to strive to be successful and having a positive attitude is what really matters."


"Time management, hard work, life skills, perseverance"

After graduation I plan to...

"...continue to play basketball in the WNBA and overseas."

"Attend graduate school to receive my doctorate in Audiology."

"Obtain my Master's of Computer Science and start building my legacy"

"Live life and experience things, pick a career, and eventually start a family."

"Get a masters degree in prosthetics and orthotics. Afterwards I intend to get a PhD in biomechanics. I eventually plan to move on to research and development of the next generation of prosthetics and orthotics."

"Start my own practice helping people make smart decisions when it comes to their finances. "

"Finish my graduate degree and turn pro"

My life goal is to...

" loving."

" to become a successful Audiologist, wife, and mother."

"...have a lasting impact in this world by helping others "

" a successful positive influence on people lives and make a difference in the world."

"...die happy and content"

" be successful and happy"

" on the PGA Tour"