Inside ACCess: Postgraduate scholars

Aug. 18, 2011



Federica Suess
Florida State

Pedro Graber
Virginia Tech

Iain Atkinson
Wake Forest

Brittany Macdonald

Lucas Carpenter
NC State

Casey Luckhurst
Wake Forest

To me being honored as an ACC post-graduate scholar means...

"...a lot to me. It is a great feeling being recognized for the hard work you put into something, and I am grateful for being selected as one of the ACC Scholarship candidates. "

"...seeing my hours of studying pay off."

"I have demonstrated excellence both on the tennis court and in the classroom. It is a huge honor to be one of the few selected and means my continual striving for success has been recognized."

"...getting the chance to do something greater than your sport. For years we have all worked hard to be successful in our sport and it's nice to be able to now get the opportunity to focus all that hard work into another aspect of life. "

"...that I have had not only athletic goals but academic goals as well throughout my college career. "

"...being recognized for the hard work I have put into both academics and athletics over the four years and being given a chance to further my education after college. "

The best concert I ever attended was...

"Leon Parker's Jazz Concert in Paris"



"An All-American Rejects concert back in high school. It was my first real concert and it was at a smaller venue so I got to go right up to the front of the stage."

"Wiz Khalifa at cats cradle and downtown Raleigh"

"Spice Girls"

My favorite food is...

"My Italian grandmother's homemade pasta."


"Pizza - the meal of champions!"

"Homemade chocolate chip cookies."

"Mom's stuffed flounder and Dad's steak and potatoes."


My best friend would say that I am...

"Clumsy and a mess sometimes, but fun to be around."


"Always available, whether it to be to party or to talk about something more serious"

"...always up for an adventure."

"...always there and always want to have fun."

"Loyal, competitive, and hard-working"

My favorite movie is...


Blood Diamond

Top Gun


Shawshank Redemption


Shawshank Redemption

If I had to pick a favorite athlete, in any sport, I would pick...

"I would pick Kim Clijsters or Steffi Graf. They are elite athletes in the first place, but also outstanding and humble individuals."

"Roger Federer, he is a good person and a good competitor."

"Steve Redgrave - he is an English rower who won 5 gold medals at 5 consecutive Olympics been 1984 and 2000. Along with this he battled serious health problems with diabetes and other challenging conditions. Despite these difficulties he is one of the most successful Olympians in history and demonstrates the determination and desire to succeed I emulate."

"Peyton Manning. He has grace under pressure and has always been a positive role model in football."

"Peyton Manning- he prepares for each game better than anyone, he loves what he does and he does it with methodical execution. "


"Lionel Messi because he is an amazing athlete and you wouldn't know that just by looking at him."

My favorite class is...


Probabilistic operations research

Marketing communications

English literature, "I love to read."

Bees and bee keeping


"Psychopharmacology because the class is interesting and the professor is great."

The best place I ever visited was...

Barbados and St. Lucia in the Caribbeans.

The Chilean dessert.

The Jumeriah Beach Club, Dubai.


"My soccer trip to Italy."



Being a student-athlete has taught me...

" ...numerous intangible skills, such as time management and tenacity.

" organize my time well"

"How to manage my time the effectively, along with this I have learned to value my free time more than ever before."

"How to be efficient with my time and handle pressure (whether it be from school or soccer, or most likely a combination of the two) well."

"Time management and leadership skills.


"Responsibility and time management."

After graduation I plan to...

"Start an internship with Nike in Portland, and after a master's in management in Germany."

"Go to france, play tennis, and then come back to grad school at VT."

"Move to DC and start my first job, as well as earn a Green Card!"

"Next year I will be participating in Teach For America, teaching Middle School Science in Milwaukee. I not only plan on remaining a teacher after my two years in the Corp, but I also plan on coaching."

"Attend grad school at NYU."

"Go to medical school at the University of Florida"