Inside ACCess: Postgraduate Scholars



Riley Foster
North Carolina
Field Hockey

Kathleen Gallagher

Meredith Newton
North Carolina

Brittany Vontz
NC State

Jennifer Yee
Georgia Tech

Kristen White
Wake Forest

The event that shaped my life was...

"I tore both of my ACLs and after surgery I appreciated my sport even more. "

"Getting diagnosed with Crohn's Disease."

"After my freshman year of college I attended an Athletes in Action summer opportunity called Ultimate Training Camp where I learned, competed, and grew with other student-athletes from across the country. "

"Gymnastics itself has really shaped me into the person I am today. I learned great self-discipline, hard work, dedication, and perseverance through my sport. It has also created the injuries that have led me to pursue a career in physical therapy."

"2008 Olympic Games"

"Coming to Wake Forest has really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are available to me after my life as a student athlete. Getting a great education from WFU has helped shape me and help me realize where I want to be in the future."

My pre-game superstition or ritual is to...

"Dance to peppy songs"

"I don't really have one."

"Tape my wrist and write a verse on it."

"My biggest superstition would have to be not allowing people to touch my grips."

"Drink coffee."

"Listen to music and dance with my teammates!"

My favorite food is...

Cheesy, baked grits

Filet mignon

My roomates strawberry cupcakes

Any type of Japanese food

Vietnamese pho

Mom's chicken pot pie

If offered a guest star role on a TV show, I would pick ...

The Office

Friday Night Lights




Modern Family

One day I want to visit...

The South of France

Italy or Greece

Japan. "When I was younger my family had Japanese exchange students, so I have always wanted to go there."

The Virgin Islands

Singapore and all of Southeast Asia



My most memorable athletic moment was...

"Winning the national championship against Maryland in an upset."

"The first ACC Championship of my career in 2009."

"Starting and playing in the 2009 final four: upsetting Maryland in the semi-final game and going on to make history by playing in our program's first national championship game."

"Co-winning the 2009 EAGL Conference meet on uneven bars with one of my teammates. There was so much energy in the gym and our team was so fired up that we won the meet as a team as well. "

"Beating China 1-0 in the Beijing Olympics"


"...winning our match on Senior night in a front of a big crowd."

My nickname is...



Newts, Mere, Mere Bear, Murda, Newty Newt, Figgy, NewNew, Merd

Britt or Vontz. "My club gymnastics coach used to call me 85 though. It's a long story!"




If I'm not playing or practicing, you can find me ...

"Reading at a coffee shop."


"Studying, doing extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends or playing guitar."

"Relaxing with teammates or at the mall"

"Eating, I'm a foodie"


"Running or hanging out with friends"

Being a student-athlete has taught me...


"The true meaning of hard work and what it means to represent myself and team with honor and dignity."

"...a lot about time management, dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, and family."

"To set goals for things I really want to achieve in life. "

"Never to procrastinate, because I can't function without sleep. ."

". . . to have great time management skills. It has taught me how to balance academics, athletics, and relationships all while enjoying my time in college."

After graduation I plan to...

"Go to graduate school to be a CRNA."

"Attend Drexel's Accelerated Nursing program in Philadelphia."

"Intern with a group called Athletes in Action doing athletic ministry for a year and then hopefully attend medical school the following year."

"Attend graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis for physical therapy "

"Design softball bats"

"... work for a year or two before applying to Physician Assistant School. "