Inside ACCess: Meet the 2010 ACC Postgraduate Scholars - Part 7

July 23, 2010


ACC Postgraduate Scholars
To me, being honored as an ACC Postgraduate Scholar means... If you had to pick a favorite athlete, in any sport, who would you pick and why? The top 3 songs on my iPod are: I selected my number to wear because... My most memorable moment on the field was . . . After graduation, I plan to...
Bill Dworsky
North Carolina

Being given a wonderful opportunity to continue my education for which I am very grateful. Ryan Giggs because of his commitment, consistency, and continued evolution as a player with one team (Manchester United) - and he's Welsh, which is tough to beat. "Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock; "Chilly Water" by Widespread Panic; "Shelter From the Storm" by The Rolling Stones. They gave me 2 at first, but then a teammate wanted to trade with me for his number 6 - I guess I didn't really select a number at all! Beating Duke twice in my sophomore year. Spend some time at home during the summer.
KayAnne Gummersall

That all the hard work, all the challenges--both mental and physical, and all the wins and losses shaped the person I am today. Michael Jordan because of the way he would step up in the big games. The things he would pull were just incredible. I'm also from Chicago and a huge Chicago sports fan so it's hard not to love Jordan. I Go Back--Kenny Chesney, Heart of a Champion--Nelly, Summer Girls-LFO. #13, because it has been my lucky number since I was 5. It was worth the 3 year wait to get it (as a senior). Our last home game my senior year--beating Virginia Tech on senior night. Work in Chicago for Goldman Sachs and eventually further my education.
Genevieve Mayhew

A tremendous amount. There are plenty of amazing and accomplished student-athletes in this conference and to be recognized as one of them in a great honor. I don't have a favorite athlete, but my favorite Athletic figure is John Wooden. Walk Away-Ben Harper, Fast Car-Tracy Chapman, California-Joni Mitchell. It's been my number since I was in 6th grade. Beating Virginia at Virginia my sophomore year, I had 20+ digs and kills. Get my doctorate in Political Science.
Amanda McDowell
Georgia Tech

Being fortunate to receive an amazing opportunity to further my studies after college. I feel so honored to be in the same group with the other recipients who have done tremendous work on and off the field. My favorite athlete changes almost weekly depending on what sport I'm watching. Right now my favorite athlete is Kobe Bryant for his performance in the NBA finals! Usher, Dave Matthews, Rihanna. 7 is my lucky number! I'm very superstitious. Winning the 2007 Team NCAA Championship. Play pro tennis.