Inside ACCess: Meet the 2010 ACC Postgraduate Scholars - Part 6

July 9, 2010


ACC Postgraduate Scholars

What event really helped shape your life? The best present I ever got was . . . My most memorable moment on the field was . . . My favorite movie is . . . If I didn't play my sport, I would play ________instead. My best friend would say that I'm . . .


Jennifer Collins
University of Maryland
Women's Lacrosse

Tearing my ACL my freshman year and red shirting helped me to put my life in perspective. It gave me a lot of time to think about my future at a time in my life when I had every opportunity to make my future a reality. My first car from my parents. It was a red Land Rover and way more than I ever expected. The dogpile on the field when we won our first ACC Championship in my career at Maryland in 2008. The Santa Clause. It has been my favorite since elementary school because Christmas never gets old. Ice hockey. I have never played, but I played a lot of roller hockey growing up and I think I would enjoy a contact sport. Outgoing and a little bit crazy. We are like two peas in a pod and have done everything together since we were little.


Matej Muza
Virginia Tech
Track and Field

Coming to Virginia Tech from Croatia and trying to adapt to a different way of life. My first mp3 player. Throwing a personal best and earning my second All-American award at 2008 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. The Godfather Soccer I'm not sure what they would say.


Timothy Ritchie
Boston College
Cross Country/Track & Field

A few years ago, two friends and I biked from Boston to Los Angeles. We grew to be such close friends, learned that there were no limitations to what we could do if we wanted it, found the true beauty of this great country not only in its landscape but in the caring hearts of total strangers. My friend, Mike, made me this patchwork poster of pictures from our high school years as a birthday gift my senior year. It meant so much to me realizing how much a friendship can matter, and how important he made me feel as a part of his own life. My senior year cross country season the BC men's team finished 6th in the ACC. That was our highest team finish during my years here and the energy was so high afterwards. To share that special moment as a senior with a group of guys I have grown to love so completely was an honor and a pretty unforgettable moment. Along Came Polly Soccer Loyal


Anna Rodenbough
North Carolina
Women's Soccer

When a friend of mine died a couple years ago, it changed the way that I looked at life. The loss of such an incredible person forced me to examine myself and my impact on the world. Every day brings an opportunity to do something great, and I do not want to waste the time that I have been given. A plane ticket to Kenya. Standing on the field and waiting for the final seconds to tick down as we won the national championship my senior year. Notting Hill. Basketball A good dishwasher and an even better wiggle-wobbler.


Carly Wynn
Florida State University

I think seeing a good friend go through cancer. It was definitely tough, but it taught me compassion at a young age. A drum set when I was 10! Our Florida game in 2009. It was exactly what softball should be . . . intense, passionate, and close! Love and Basketball Basketball Loud, but hopefully in a good way, maybe even generous?