Inside ACCess: Meet the 2010 ACC Postgraduate Scholars - Part 5

June 18, 2010

ACC Postgraduate Scholars
If you had to pick a favorite athlete, who would you pick and why? If offered a guest star role on a TV show, I would pick . . . My pre-game superstition or ritual is to . . . My favorite class is . . . Being a student-athlete has taught me . . . My life's goal is to . . .
Brendan Gielow
Wake Forest University
Men's Golf

No favorite athlete, but my favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings. Being from Michigan, I played hockey growing up and even dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL. Detroit is "hockeytown," and any Michigander should play/experience hockey growing up! To appear as a guest commentator for a Red Wings hockey game. Too many superstitions to mention, but I put 5 tees, my Walt Disney World ball marker (given to me by my mom and sister) and a lucky ball repair tool in my pocket. Also, I carry lucky pencils in my golf bag. Introduction to Religion. To multi-task. Help others by utilizing the talent that God has given me.
Kelly Henderson
Boston College
Women's Soccer

Brett Favre. He is a model leader and possesses immense passion for his sport. The Office Dance in the locker room, listen to my iPod before and during warm up, and then complete all of my handshakes with teammates and coaches. Interpersonal Relationships To balance all of my commitments and to be disciplined. Be happy, become a successful professional athlete and later teach elementary school children somewhere in the Tri-State area.
Jerome Meyinsse
University of Virginia
Men's Basketball

Shaquille O'Neal SportsCenter To get my right foot taped before my left. Theory of Financial Markets. To be disciplined and to overcome challenges. Be happy.
Lauren Miller
Field Hockey

I would choose Phil Mickleson. I have begun to follow golf more closely and attended the Quail Hollow tournament. I watched Phil play and gained a tremendous amount of respect for him. A true competitor, hard worker and risk taker, Phil exemplifies everything that is necessary for an athlete to succeed, not to mention his gracious, humble and good character. Glee Visualize, listen to 'Defying Gravity' with one of my teammates in the locker room and write down my goals for the game. Abnormal Psychology More than words can explain. Being a student-athlete has shaped the person I am today. Be happy and to look back in the end and know that I've made a difference in someone else's life.
Laura Vallverdu
University of Miami
Women's Tennis

I would pick Pete Sampras. To me, he is one of the most elegant, respectful, fair and best competitors I've seen on the tennis court. Friends Listen to music and talk to my brother. Child Development Consistency with discipline. Get my master's, my Ph.D. and become a doctor.