ACC Teams Reach High Marks in Latest NCAA APR

May 24, 2011

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCAA’s APR report cards are in and it is good news for ACC teams. The conference’s teams are among the vast majority of sports teams at Division I colleges and universities which are meeting the mark in the classroom, according to the latest NCAA Academic Progress Rates released Wednesday.

  • The average of all ACC teams exceeded 980 (up from 948 a year ago)
  • 20 ACC teams recorded a perfect APR score of 1,000
  • 194 of the 255 ACC teams (76%) recorded APR scores of over 970
  • All 12 ACC teams were above 925 APR in baseball
  • All 12 ACC teams were above 925 APR in women’s basketball
  • 11 of 12 ACC teams were above 925 APR in football
  • 11 of 12 ACC teams were above 925 APR in men’s basketball

Each Division I sports team calculates its APR each academic year, based on the eligibility and retention of each scholarship student-athlete. Every team posting an APR score below 925 is required to develop a specific academic improvement plan. Teams posting APR scores below 900 must submit those plans to the NCAA national office for review.

The most recent APR scores are based on a multi-year rate that averages scores from the 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years.

Each scholarship student-athlete may earn one point for being eligible and one point for retention per semester for a total of four points per academic year. The total points are then divided by the number of potential points each team could have earned. That percentage is then multiplied by 1000 to provide each team with its APR. As mentioned, the NCAA has established 925 as the cut-off mark. Any team below that standard may be subject to penalties.