Inside ACCess: Meet the 2010 ACC Postgraduate Scholars - Part 1

April 30, 2010

ACC Postgraduate Scholars
To me, being honored as an ACC Postgraduate Scholar means . . . The best place I ever visited was . . . My favorite type of food is . . . My pre-game supersitition or ritual is to . . . My life's goal is to . . After graduation, I plan to . . .
Ben Martin
Men's Golf

I've worked hard on and off the course over my career.. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Steak and Potatoes Make my last practice putt before I go to the tee. Win major championships. Turn pro.
Hudson Taylor

That I can look back over my college career and be proud of what I was able to do on and off the mat. Rwanda. It is a beautiful country with a difficult history, making the trip both enjoyable and enlightening. Italian. In my head, go through all the reasons I am going to win. Make the world a better place. Attend law school.
Ashley Howard
University of North Carolina
Swimming & Diving

I have made accomplishments in both my athletic career and academic career. Irvine, California Mexican I have to get a new cap every time I swim a distance event. I also tighten my goggles before every meet. I have no idea, but perhaps it is to do something that helps others achieve their goals. Attend the Masters in Accounting program at UNC.
Mei Christensen
University of Virginia
Swimming & Diving

I feel honored to be supported by the ACC in my graduate studies. St. John, US Virgin Islands Breakfast foods. Visualize my start and race. Own a cottage with a garden and a lot of animals. Take classes during the summer.
Allison Presnell
NC State University

All my hard work in school and softball has paid off. Disneyworld for Christmas, 2009. Japanese Put on eye black before every game. Own an independent pharmacy and coach my kids' sports! Attend UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.