SAAC In ACCtion: Myron Rolle Continues His Philanthropy While At The Next Level

March 16, 2011

It happened during the spring of Myron Rolle’s freshman year, at a Florida State University athletic department event in which Garrett Johnson was honored for his recent Rhodes Scholarship selection. Former Athletic Director Dave Hart declared as Garrett was headed back to his seat “And sitting right over there is FSU’s next Rhodes Scholar,” while pointing at Myron. Many worried about the bold prediction at the time, but Hart clearly understood the intense drive and vision within the then 18 year old Rolle.

Great expectations can produce great results. Myron has lived up to those expectations every time he has been challenged, and then some. The former Student-Athlete Advisory Council Vice-President has achieved in a variety of arenas.

From his highly anticipated debut in the FSU football spring game in 2006 to his many athletic and academic honors, Myron never lost focus that there were things in life that needed to be accomplished. He felt that his position allowed him to help some of them come to fruition. He did end up earning that predicted Rhodes Scholarship in 2008, one of only 32 students in America to receive the highly acclaimed prize, and the first major sport recipient in a generation.

Many thought spending a year in England, and not taking the direct path to the NFL would hinder that opportunity. But despite the time away, he was selected in the 2010 draft by the Tennessee Titans in the sixth round, and recently signed a contract extension. The Myron L Rolle Foundation he started in 2009 while at FSU continues its impressive path as well. “The foundation has continued to flourish and thrive, through much hard work and effort by many people, and it’s been very fulfilling to be a part of this initiative,” said Rolle.


The Foundation is dedicated to the support of health, wellness, educational and other charitable initiatives throughout the world that benefit children and families in need. It currently is focused on three projects.

Myron Rolle Wellness and Leadership Academy
In partnership with the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida National Guard, the first academy was held in 2009, Myron’s junior year, for 100 foster children aged 12 to 14. Myron states that the goals of the camp are to, “help develop fitness, and character, to prepare them for leadership opportunities, and ultimately to encourage them to dream big!”

Our Way to Health Program
In partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, this initiative provides fitness training, health education and diabetes awareness to American Indian children. Originally implemented in Florida, the U.S. Department of the Interior has expanded the program to schools in New Mexico and Arizona.

The Myron L. Rolle Medical Clinic and Sports Complex
This project is currently raising funds to develop a free health services clinic and sports complex in Exuma, Bahamas, the Rolle family hometown. This project is in collaboration with the Bahamas Ministry of Health and the FSU College of Medicine.

Myron is thankful for the opportunities sports have given him in life, particularly as they relate to helping others. “It’s put me in a unique position where I can have the opportunity to impact and inspire others. This isn’t just my name on these initiatives, I’m the founder, chairman and very involved. Football has helped allow me to see my dreams realized through these endeavors.”

It doesn’t stop there for Myron either, as he was recently invited to join the Clinton Global Initiative as one of 15 young global leaders selected by President Clinton, along with such notable celebrities as Ashley Judd, Jeff Gordon and Usher. They will be traveling to the Congo this July as part of the Rethink Refugees program to visit local refugee camps. If you would like more information on, or to donate to, any of the initiatives mentioned above, please visit