Florida State's Adut Bulgak: Her Life has Prepared Her for Anything

One of the beauties of basketball is that it can prepare you for life. A strong work ethic, commitment and teamwork are tools that coaches know will prepare young men and women to succeed far after their playing days are over. But can life prepare you for basketball? 

Florida State women’s basketball senior center Adut Bulgak is gearing up for what will probably be the most important summer of her 23-year-old life. Tonight she is predicted to be drafted into the WNBA and in May she will graduate with a degree in sociology, before heading to Edmonton to try out for the Canadian national team. 

For most, the pressure of such an eventful and critical summer would be enough to make one crack. But as Sports Illustrated explained so well, Bulgak’s life experiences have prepared her for anything. [Click Here to Read]