ACC Football's Top 5 Entrances

It’s one of the most exciting parts of college football -- the team entrance. The passion…the emotion...the energy…it just can’t be beat. So who’s got the best entrances in the ACC? 

#5: Smoke at the U.

The Canes have come storming onto the field through a wall of smoke since the 50’s, when transportation director Bob Nalette suggested using fire extinguishers to create the smoky effect. Nalette even welded a pipe together that still pumps out smoke for the Hurricanes’ entrance today. When Miami rose to dominance in the 80’s, the entrance couldn’t have been a better fit. The clouds of smoke have been a part of the Hurricanes pregame entrance ever since.


#4: The Ramblin’ Wreck of Georgia Tech

The oldest entrance in the ACC, the Ramblin’ Wreck dates all the way back to the 1920’s. It all started with a Tech professor and dean named Flyod Field, who became infamous on campus for driving his 1914 Ford Model T to and from class every day. The student body loved it and The Technique (Georgia Tech’s student newspaper) named it the “Rambling Wreck” in 1927. The Wreck evolved into a number of campus-wide traditions before the school bought a 1930 Ford Model A Sport, tricked it out in GT gold and drove it onto the field for the first time against Rice on September 30, 1961. Believe it or not, the school even made the Wreck the school’s official mascot.


#3: Chief Osceola

Playing at Florida State is tough as it is… but, a Seminole warrior riding onto the field wielding a flaming spear? That’s got to get your blood flowing. Chief Osceola and his trusty horse Renegade have been leading the Noles into battle since 1978. Be ready for 60 minutes of non-stop noise if you’re visiting Doak Campbell Stadium, because once Osceola plants that flaming spear into mid-field – it’s go time.


#2: Enter Sandman

One of the most iconic entrances in all of college football, Virginia Tech’s “Enter Sandman” will give you serious chills. It started in 2000, when the athletic department had just added a new video board to the north end zone. The marketing folks wanted to make a hype video for the new video board. They outsourced the video production, but were tasked with picking the song. Hokie faithful wait all week to hear that famous bass line, and when they do… man, do they go nuts. It’s almost impossible not to join in with the sixty-six thousand fans jumping in place while Metallica sets the tone for one of the most raucous environments in the conference.


#1:  “The Hill” and Howard’s Rock

Everything about Clemson’s Hill entrance is why college football can’t be beat. Ten minutes before each kickoff, busses pick the fully dressed Tigers up from their locker room on the west side of Memorial Stadium and drop them off atop the east end zone. From there, Clemson files off the bus and congregates at the top of “The Hill.” Every player and coach touches ‘Howard’s Rock” before the cannon sounds and the team comes tearing down the hill. Clemson’s entrance could get you amped to rake the leaves in your front yard. It has been dubbed by many as “the most exciting 25 seconds in football” and you won’t get any arguments here.