ACC Announces Honor Roll for 2015-2016 Academic Year

A record 4,367 conference student-athletes recognized for classroom achievements

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The 60th annual Atlantic Coast Conference Honor Roll was announced today, recognizing academic excellence by student-athletes during the 2015-16 academic year.

The Honor Roll is comprised of student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. The conference recognized a record 4,368 student-athletes for their hard work in the classroom during the 2015-16 academic year.

Duke led all schools with 480 student-athletes recognized, and Notre Dame followed with 414. Boston College saw 390 student-athletes achieve Honor Roll acclaim.

North Carolina had 356 student-athletes recognized, followed by Louisville with 346 and Virginia with 339. Syracuse was next with 278, followed by Virginia Tech with 263, NC State with 257, Pitt with 244, Florida State with 241, Clemson with 205, Wake Forest with 201, Miami with 189 and Georgia Tech with 165. 

The 2015-16 ACC Honor Roll includes one student-athlete – Duke’s Kelby Brown – who earned recognition for the sixth time.

Thirty-two student-athletes earned ACC Honor Roll status for the fifth time: Boston College’s Liv Westphal (track and field); Clemson’s Stephen Behr (golf); Duke’s Abby Beltrani (lacrosse), Laura Blazing (field hockey), Braxton Deaver (football), Maggie Deichmeister (volleyball), Wilson Fisher (soccer), Karli Johonnot (track and field), Kyle Moran (track and field), D.J. Reeves (football), Cody Robinson (football), Colleen Schmidt (cross country/track and field), Shaun Thompson (cross country/track and field, and Brendan Walsh (wrestling); Florida State’s Daneika Borthwick (tennis) and Michael Compton (baseball); Georgia Tech’s Samantha Becker (track and field); Miami’s Kara McComack (swimming and diving) and Erin McGovern (soccer); North Carolina’s Karley Rempel (cross country), Alex Utley (wrestling) and Lizzy Whelan (cross country); NC State’s Philip Carmon (soccer), Olivia Enright (cross country), Joanna Thompson (cross country) and Joe Thuney (football); Virginia’s Christian Lavorgna (track and field), John Pond (football) and Julia Sroba (soccer), and Wake Forest’s Kaitlyn Oliver (track and field), Aubrey Waggoner (track and field) and Hunter Williams (football).

The Honor Roll features 14 ACC Men’s 2015-16 Performers of the Year in Clemson’s Seth Beer (baseball), Virginia’s Malcolm Brogdon (basketball), Notre Dame’s Axel Kiefer (fencing), Notre Dame’s Jonah Shainberg (fencing), Duke’s Pascual Di Tella (fencing), Clemson’s Deshaun Watson (football), Duke’s Jeremy Cash (football), Florida State’s Hank Leiboda (golf), Notre Dame’s Matt Landis (lacrosse), Clemson’s Paul Clowes (soccer), Pitt’s Dominic Giordano (diving), Virginia’s Henry Wynne (indoor/outdoor track and field), NC State’s Jonathan Addison (indoor track and field) and Virginia’s Filip Mihaljevic (outdoor track and field)

A total of 22 ACC Women’s 2015-16 Performers of the Year were honored in Notre Dame’s Molly Seidel (cross country/indoor track and field), Boston College’s Olivia Adragna (fencing), Duke’s Jennifer Ling (fencing), Syracuse’s Alma Fenne (field hockey), Virginia’s Lauren Coughlin (golf), Syracuse’s Kayla Treanor (lacrosse), Notre Dame’s Barbara Sullivan (lacrosse), Virginia’s Makenzy Doniak (soccer), Florida State’s Alex Powers (softball), Virginia’s Colette Lucas-Conwell, Tessa Dikkers, Georgia Ratcliff, Heidi Long, Jennifer Reid, Alice Darry and Sam Casto (rowing), Louisville’s Kelsi Worrell (swimming), North Carolina’s Hayley Carter (tennis), Duke’s Megan Clark (indoor track and field), Florida State’s Kellion Knibb (outdoor track and field), and Louisville’s Katie George (volleyball) and Molly Sauer (volleyball).

The league saw 12 ACC Freshmen of the Year named to the honor roll: Clemson’s Seth Beer (baseball), Notre Dame’s Anna Rohrer (women’s cross country), Clemson’s Bryson Nimmer (men’s golf) and Alice Hewson (women’s golf), Virginia Tech’s Lauren Duff (softball), Virginia’s Heidi Long (rowing), NC State’s Justin Ress (men’s swimming and diving), Louisville’s Mallory Comerford (women’s swimming and diving), Georgia Tech’s Bria Matthews (women’s indoor track and field), Florida State’s Shauna Helps (women’s outdoor track and field), Louisville’s Molly Sauer (volleyball) and Virginia Tech’s David McFadden (wrestling).

The ACC recognized Scholar Athletes of the Year in each of its 27 sports earlier in the 2015-16 academic year: Clemson’s Pat Krall (baseball), North Carolina’s Marcus Paige (men’s basketball), NC State’s Ashley Williams (women’s basketball), Syracuse’s Martin Hehir (men’s cross country), Norte Dame’s Molly Seidel (women’s cross country/indoor track and field), Notre Dame’s Garrett McGrath (men’s fencing), Boston College’s Olivia Adragna (women’s fencing), Duke’s Lauren Blazing (field hockey), Duke’s Jeremy Cash (football), Clemson’s Stephen Behr (men’s golf), Miami’s Daniela Darquea (women’s golf), Notre Dame’s Matt Landis (men’s lacrosse), Syracuse’s Kayla Treanor (women’s lacrosse), Virginia’s Tessa Dikkers (rowing), North Carolina’s Jonathan Campbell (men’s soccer), Virginia’s Makenzy Doniak (women’s soccer), Louisville’s Maryssa Becker (softball), Virginia Tech’s Brandon Fiala (men’s swimming and diving), Louisville’s Kelsi Worrell (women’s swimming and diving), Virginia’s Thai-Son Kiwatkowski (men’s tennis), North Carolina’s Hayley Carter (women’s tennis), NC State’s Jonathan Addison (men’s indoor track and field), Florida State’s Stefan Brits (men’s outdoor track and field), Virginia’s Cleo Boyd (women’s outdoor track and field), Louisville’s Katie George (volleyball) and NC State’s Nick Gwiazdowski (wrestling).

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